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Millions of people have been rescued from neck, back, and joint pain by an applied science to produce safe working environments through proper body positioning, called ErgonomicsDid you know the eyes need ergonomics as well? Of course they do!

Anyone who’s spent long hours staring at a computer screen has probably
experienced eye discomfort:
  • That work project that was due by end of day, and despite the burning eyes and headaches, you muscled through knowing there was always aspirin in the medicine cabinet.
  • When you played video games until 2:00 AM trying to rescue the princess from the volcano, and afterwards your eyes burnt like lava, with just a glimpse of light.
  • Coming home from watching video conferences all day and your irritated red eyes had your spouse questioning your leisure activities.

Eye Ergonomics can help!

Even the American Optometric Association has designated the growing complex list of eye problems as computer vision syndrome (CVS) and ignoring the symptoms may lead to poor eye health.
We have compiled these 9 tips of Eye Ergonomics to help avoid digital eye strain and eye fatigue:


1. Keep screens at a distance:

Eyes work harder to see close-up. Set your monitor at least 25 inches away (or an arm’s length away) from your face.

2. Position your monitor properly:

The neck can be strained by looking up for long periods of time. Tilt your monitor slightly downward to help prevent neck strain.

3. Avoid glare and reflection:

Glass screen devices create glare that can aggravate the eyes. Also, attempt to prevent glare, shadow, and reflection caused by external sources of light. You can purchase after-market matte filters or anti-glare screen filters for your monitor at your favorite retailer.

4.Take a break:

Looking closely at a screen can hurt your eyes. Taking a break by looking into the distance allows your eyes to relax. Use the 20-20-20 rule: set a timer for every 20 minutes, then look at an object 20 feet away for 20 seconds. Easy! 

5. Match the room’s lighting:

When your screen is brighter than your surroundings, your eyes work harder. The monitor’s brightness should match the room brightness. Many computers now have display settings to automatically adjust the brightness. Check with your work’s computer technician, or tech-savvy friend for help.

6. Blink:

Are you blinking? When using a computer and focusing on a screen, people tend to blink a lot less, which can cause the eyes to dry out. Blink fully and frequently to prevent dry eyes.

7. Stay hydrated:

Make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day and use a desktop humidifier to help increase localized moisture and defy dry eyes. Plus, reaching for that huge water canteen on your desk can give you an eye break as well.

8. Perform eye exercises regularly:

And a one, and a two… Computer users should take a few minutes to perform simple eye exercises every hour.

9. Get a yearly eye exam:

Don’t skip your yearly eye exam. An eye exam is the best way to detect early eye problems. And, while you are there, get an updated prescription. Small changes can make a big difference in your vision quality. Find a local eye doctor here.

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