Stylish Frames for Thick Lenses

Best Glasses for High Prescriptions

Posted Sep 16, 2020 | Tips, Tricks & Tech

Hey, we’re here today to talk to our thick lens brothers and sisters. You understand the blurry counter pats, temporarily inserting your contacts while you try and find where the heck you left your glasses last night, and the dilemma of looking for a cute pair of glasses that won’t leave you looking like a decorative magnifying glass.  

While we can’t help you find your glasses (psst, try and put them in the same place each night like a tray on your nightstand or bathroom counter), we can help you find the right frames and high-index lenses for a pair of glasses you can look good and feel confident in.

Nike 7251 Glasses

These Nike glasses are a comfortable fit and work great for our bold and beautiful lenses. They come in a variety of colors including a crystal clear frame.

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Dragon DR2013 Glasses

Dragon created this slick look with all the sturdiness we need and want for our high prescription lenses.

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Cole Haan CH4009 Glasses

Chole Haan not only came through for us thick lens legends, they also gave us a choice in clear acetate glasses with gold and silver tints. Which one do you love?

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