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5 Easy Halloween Costumes for Glasses Wearers

Posted Oct 4, 2023 | Fashion & Trends

The spookiest season is starting, which means it’s time to start planning your Halloween costume! At Eyeconic, we take this holiday seriously. But sometimes, life gets in the way, and we find ourselves frantically searching for a last-minute costume. Luckily, if you wear glasses, your extra accessory means you’re already halfway to putting together a costume! In the spirit of office costume contests and ghoulish glam, we put together a list of easy costume ideas for glasses-wearers, so you can be ready to celebrate Halloween at a moment’s notice. We’ve even recommended some of our favorite frames to go along with them.  

The Detective

The perfect choice for lovers of true-crime podcasts, escape rooms, and old British serials. Pair your glasses with a tweed coat or turtleneck sweater and grab a magnifying glass or a wooden pipe for a quick and easy detective ensemble.
Velma Costume


thin calvin klein glasses

Retro Characters:

Want to be a groovy hippie or channel your favorite retro celebs? These fabulous suns are made just for you. And since it’s Halloween, you can wear them inside with no judgment. Throw on a headband, a tasseled jacket, and some bellbottoms, and you’ll look like you just finished your set at Woodstock. Extra points if you’ve got long hair—though a wig will do nicely, too. Rock on!
Hippy Costume


blue and gold ray-ban aviators

Fashion Model:

Strike a pose! This Halloween, strut the runway—or maybe just your sidewalk—in these sassy suns. This is a particularly fun costume for folks with a stylish wardrobe: just pair your glasses with your most bombastic, elegant, or avant-garde ensemble. Got a new piece of clothing that you haven’t felt brave enough to wear in public yet? Here’s your big chance to make a splash!
Popstar Costume

Bottega Veneta BV1005S

Bottega Veneta BV1005S sunglasses

Historical Figure

Contacts didn’t become common eyewear until the 1950s, which means history is full of glasses-wearers. Pair some slim, understated glasses with a three-piece suit, a fake mustache, and some greased back hair and bam! You’re a dapper 19th century dandy.

Flexon 609

thin flexon glasses

The Professional

Got a spare pair of scrubs lying around? A lab coat, perhaps? Throw them on with some studious-looking glasses and voila! You’re the lead protagonist in a long-running medical drama. But heck, why should medical professionals have all the fun? People with glasses work all kinds of jobs: airplane pilot, plumber, professional chef. If you’ve got the uniform, you’re good to go!


pure airlock element 200
There you have it: 5 of the easiest costumes imaginable for glasses-wearers. But these are just a few of your options. After all: who’s to say that werewolves, zombies, and every other kind of ghoul can’t wear glasses, too? When it comes to costumes, glasses should never hold you back!

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