Halloween Costume Glasses

11 Boo-spectacled Halloween Costume Ideas: Characters with Glasses

Posted Oct 13, 2022 | Fashion & Trends

The spookiest season is starting, which means it’s time to start planning your Halloween costume! At Eyeconic, we take this holiday seriously. In the spirit of office costume contests and ghoulish glam, we put together a list of frames that will make you Halloween ready!

You can even use some of these for a different character next year, just be sure to get your prescription updated annually with your eye doctor.


Harry Potter or Where's Waldo:

Whether you find yourself casting spells or just can’t find yourself at all, these two characters have something in common: round frames. Have two Halloween parties this year? Be a daring wizard for one and a traveler in red stripes for the other—all with one pair of frames.

Samrt Staples WM20211

Smart Staples WM 20211

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Salvatore Ferragamo SF2940
Salvatore Ferragamo SF2940 glasses

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Jessica Day:

Who’s that girl? Well, it might be the one who moved into a loft with 3 strangers and ended up marrying one of them. *spoiler alert* Jess Day likes arts and crafts, plays the handbells, and is almost always wearing her signature specs. Though we wish we sold handbells, at least we have the glasses!

Lacoste L2904
Lacoste L2904 frames

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Dwight Schrute or Napoleon Dynamite:

While one of them gets pranked by Jim and the other votes for Pedro, these characters both have something in common besides their fun friends and glasses style; they also secretly like to dance. Have your own happy dance when you save up to $220 on these awesome frames after connecting your vision insurance.

Otis + Grey OG 20205
Otis + Grey OG 20205 glasses

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Marchon NYC M-2014
Marchon NYC M-2014 glasses

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Squints or Clark Kent:

In an alternate universe… a young kid playing baseball with his friends grows up to be a superhero—or not. Well at least they wear the same type of glasses. The Dragon frames are perfect for costumes and everyday wear!

Dragon DR2029
Dragon DR2029 glasses

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Jinkies! If you lose these Converse glasses you’ll have to gather all your friends in a weird green van to go find them. Plus, the talking dog might snag your snacks. Tired of losing your glasses? We also sell contacts (but still suggest these lovely frames for the costume’s sake).
Velma Costume
Converse CV5032
Converse CV5032 frames

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Retro Characters:

Want to be a groovy hippie or channel your favorite retro celebs? These fabulous suns are made just for you. Don’t worry, these are the sunglasses you can wear inside with no judgment other than how cool you look.
Hippy Costume
Longchamp LO161S
Longchamp LO161S sunglasses

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Calvin Klein CK2210TS
Calvin Klein CK2210TS sunglasses

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Fashion Model:

And pose, and pose! Strut the runway—or rather, your neighborhood sidewalk on Halloween—in these sassy suns. You grab all that candy in style, sister!
Popstar Costume
Bottega Veneta BV1005S
Bottega Veneta BV1005S sunglasses

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Ferragamo SF1024S
Ferragamo SF1024S sunglasses