UV-Blocking and Blue Light Contact Lenses are Here!

Posted Jul 30, 2019 | Tips, Tricks & Tech

You might have recently seen information circulating about the effects of blue light and ultraviolet (UV) light on our eyes. So, what does this really mean?

Blue light can cause strain to the muscles in your eyes while UV light can cause damage to the surface of your eyes.

Many options have emerged for glasses wearers, such as Transitions® lenses and blue light computer glasses. But what if you prefer to wear contact lenses? Not a problem!

Keep reading to learn about exciting developments in contact lens technology.

ACUVUE® OASYS with Transitions™

ACUVUE has come out with one-of-a-kind biweekly contact lenses that adapt to sunlight like Transitions photochromic glasses do. They can also be purchased as non-prescription contact lenses, because even people with 20/20 vision need to protect their corneas!

ACUVUE® OASYS with Transitions™ are great for active lifestyles where glasses and sunglasses aren’t always an option.

How do these futuristic contacts work? The lenses are activated when they are hit with ultraviolet (UV) or high-energy visible (HEV) light. The lenses will get darker in color without drastically changing the appearance of your eye. Don’t fret, these lenses quickly adapt to different light situations; once you’re inside, they’ll change back to being transparent!

It is important to mention that ACUVUE® OASYS with Transitions™ are not a replacement for sunglasses. Though they significantly help, the white part of your eye (AKA the “sclera”) still needs protection! Luckily, we sell a variety of super stylish non-prescription sunnies to pair with your cool new Transitions contact lenses.

Interested in ACUVUE® OASYS with Transitions™? We can help! Find a doctor near you to discuss your options.


Biofinity Energys™

Calling all prescription contact lens wearers! Especially if you stare at a screen for more than two hours a day—we know you do—you’ll want to keep reading!

Think about the last time you went to the gym (or don’t...we’re right there with you), or maybe the last time you held something for too long, i.e. your phone while taking selfies; your muscles can get tired!

Now imagine working out (again—or don’t) for over two hours, five or more days per week, every week. How do you think your eye muscles feel?

That’s where Biofinity Energys™ come in. These unique contact lenses are designed with Digital Zone Optics® to reduce the stress that your eye muscles go through while looking from digital devices to other things off-screen. Each pair lasts a month to help combat eye dryness and fatigue!

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Buy a year’s supply of contacts and save up to $120. Don’t forget to connect those vision benefits, too!

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TechShield Blue & SunSync Light-Reactive Lenses for Glasses

Glasses wearers… we didn’t forget about you!

Blue light defense has been all the rave—and we have the solution! As a premium anti-reflective coating, TechShield™ Blue absorbs and reflects blue light wavelengths that come not only from digital devices but from all around us!

All you have to do to get TechShield™ Blue is find your perfect frame (don’t forget to use our Virtual Try-On tool!) and then add the TechShield™ Blue upgrade at checkout. Simple as that!

Same thing goes for our SunSync® light- reactive lenses. In your choice of a gray or brown hue, these lenses quickly change tint between indoor and outdoor settings! Not only this, but SunSync® light-reactive lenses also have targeted blue light filtration. Add your preference at checkout and you’ll have the most stylish AND functional glasses out there.

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Ways to Reduce Sun Damage & Blue Light Exposure

1. Change the settings on your digital device screens. Most phones have a “night mode” or “blue light” setting that changes your screen to have a more yellow hue. Turning the brightness down on computer monitors and televisions can help, too!

2. Set a limit for how long you use your devices each day. We know it’s hard, but it’ll be worth it!

3.Wear 100% UV-blocking sunglasses. Even while in the car or in the shade, reflections of UV rays can also cause damage.

4. Take breaks from being out in the sun or from using devices.

5. Make sure you have the right prescription for your contacts or glasses; this can contribute to squinting and eye strain! Find a doctor to update your prescription.

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