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Celebrate World Water Day with these Sustainable Frames

Posted Mar 22, 2023 | Fashion & Trends

According to a report by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, despite increased public awareness about the importance of recycling, the total amount of plastic waste produced worldwide has doubled in the last two decades, with only 9% of it recycled. If you’re one of the many consumers who have begun to reconsider their purchasing habits in light of statistics like these, you might be wondering what sort of impact your eyewear has on the environment.

Thanks to advances in eyewear manufacturing, eyeglasses are more durable than ever. But even the best glasses can’t last forever. Plus, most optometrists recommend getting your eyes checked every two years to ensure you don’t need a new prescription, which can often mean a new pair of glasses. And even if you’re diligent and donate your old glasses, the unfortunate truth is that most glasses are made from materials that are difficult to recycle, and many of them wind up in landfills.

So, what’s a conscientious consumer to do? Luckily, here at Eyeconic we’re all about innovation: just this year, we designed a fully sustainable shipping box made from 100% recycled materials. But our commitment to the environment doesn’t stop with our packaging. This World Water Day, we’re thrilled to highlight the exciting new sustainable materials the brands you love are using to produce cutting-edge eco-friendly glasses and sunglasses.

No one should have to decide between their convictions and their vision. Here’s a quick look at the technology and eyewear brands that are leading the charge in environmentally-conscious vision care.

Acetate Renew

Marchon was the first eyewear company to create frames using a technique called Eastman Acetate Renew, a new fully sustainable material produced using carbon renewal technology. These glasses, which are indistinguishable from classic acetate, are made from approximately 40% recycled material and 60% bio-based content*.


Ferragamo SF1022S glasses
You’d never know these frames from Ferragamo were made from recycled materials. If you like big, bold eyewear, these cat-eye glasses are for you.


Plant-Based Resin

These glasses are made of beans! Well, castor bean oil. These frames are a cleaner alternative to petroleum-based glasses and are made from at least 45% plant-based resins.

NIKE 7046

Nike 7046 Glasses
These sleek, sporty glasses from Nike are a great example of how your favorite brands are using innovative technology to create products that look and feel as good as their petroleum-based counterparts. Nab them in matte black, matte grey, or tortoise anthracite.

NIKE 7046

Responsible Acetate

Another new material that strives to shift away from petroleum-based production, responsible acetate is made by combining wood cellulose with plant-based plasticizer alternatives and is composed of over 60% bio-based materials.


SKAGA SK2871 FLOD Glasses
With their thin temples, streamlined design, and geometric paneling, these glasses feel like something ripped straight from a science-fiction film. Flaunt the future in striking shades of green and blue or keep it simple with gray and black.


If you’re looking for a new pair of sustainable glasses or sunglasses, be sure to visit our sustainable eyewear styles page to see our full collection. Don’t forget to try on your glasses using our Virtual Try-On tool. We also offer free shipping and returns, so you can be certain you end up with the glasses that are right for you.