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Coach Eyewear Joins the Eyeconic Family

Posted Feb 3, 2023 | Fashion & Trends

Coach. It’s a name synonymous with cutting-edge fashion. Founded in 1941 by Miles and Lillian Cahn, the fashion house got its start as a family-owned business producing top-quality leather products. After Miles developed a new method for creating stronger, more pliable leather—a discovery inspired, in part, by baseball gloves—Lillian suggested they complement the company’s line of wallets with women’s handbags. The bags, famous for their rich colors and durable design, were an immediate hit.

The rest, as they say, is history: since then, Coach has grown into an international brand known the world over for their commitment to quality products and classic American design.

And while you might know them for their affordable luxury bags, Coach has also spread their design talents to the eyecare world. This month, Eyeconic is excited to announce that Coach eyeglasses and sunglasses are the newest additions to our designer catalogue. If you’re in the market for a new pair of luxury frames, check out some of the highlights below, and be sure to look through the complete listing of all of Coach’s fantastic prescription eyewear.


Coach HC7128 Sunglasses

Coach HC7128 aviator sunglasses
Few styles are more iconic than the aviator. If you’re searching for a new, luxurious spin on this classic look, check out Coach’s gold-rimmed HC7128s.


Coach HC6176 Glasses

Coach HC6176 glasses
Slim, sleek, and transparent, these glasses are a great fit if you’re looking for a pair of lightweight frames.


Coach HC6065 Glasses

Coach HC6065 glasses
These glasses pair a simple, rectangular shape with glamorous, eye-catching confetti coloring. Perfect for adding a celebratory pop to any ensemble.


Coach HC8132 Sunglasses
Coach HC8132 sunglasses

With a bright purple and turquoise frame, these cat-eye glasses are a bold and arresting statement piece, and a testament to Coach’s knack for producing striking new styles.


Still haven’t found what you’re looking for? Not a problem. We have plenty more styles to choose from in our Coach collection. And don’t forget: all orders from Eyeconic come with free shipping, returns, and frame adjustments, and VSP members get an extra 20% off out-of-pocket costs on eyewear.