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Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Red and Pink Glasses

Posted Feb 12, 2024 | Fashion & Trends

The season of love is upon us! Jazz up your holiday wardrobe with Eyeconic’s Valentine-inspired pink and red glasses. Whether you’re looking for a pair of ruby-red glasses for that special romantic dinner, or a fun pair of pink sunglasses for a day out with your friends, Eyeconic has a pair of eyewear you’re sure to fall in love with.


Red Eyewear

Red. The color brings to mind fiery passion, courage, and burning desire. It’s a bold, captivating hue, and the perfect choice for someone looking for a striking pair of glasses, particularly if you find yourself wearing lots of yellow, orange, or white.

Red SF295 Glasses
These eyeglasses have all the great features you’d expect from Ferragamo—big, bold frames full of elegant flair—in a fierce shade of burgundy.


Red and Pink DJ50 glasses
Can’t decide between red or pink? Why not pick a pair with a little of both? These glasses from Draper James mix bold, red frames with bright, bubbly pink accents.


Pink Eyewear

Pink. We associate the color with bubble gum, candy, and all things cute and cuddly. But pink can mean more than cheery innocence: it’s also the color of nurturing tenderness, sweetness, and creativity. Studies have even found that the color diminishes feelings of aggression and inspires calmness.

clear pink AOV2 glasses

With clear frames that scream “fun and bubbly,” these glasses emit just the right amount of easy-breezy flair you'd want from a pair of pink eyewear. 

SHOP Avio AOV 2319

pink AK50 glasses

With their big frames and glitzy temple accents, these pink glasses are the essence of glam. 

SHOP Anne Klein AK5092

If these flirty frames aren’t enough to sweep you off your feet, Eyeconic has plenty of other glasses to swoon over, with free shipping and free frame adjustments. Plus, VSP members get an extra 20% off eyewear. Be still, my heart!