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The Wait is Over: Check Out Eyeconic’s Newest Arrivals

Posted Feb 17, 2023 | Fashion & Trends

Ah, the New Year: time of resolutions, fresh starts, and gym memberships. Nothing beats the sense of possibility that arrives with the beginning of another year, and that’s as true for your eyewear as it is for the rest of your life. While a new pair of glasses or sunglasses might not seem as dramatic a resolution as running a marathon or saving up for a big trip abroad, it’s a great way to shake up your look, and give you a new perspective on the world—literally!

Join Eyeconic in celebrating 2023 by exploring our newest arrivals. Whether you’re looking to upgrade to a fancy new pair of designer frames, or shopping for the perfect pair of budget glasses, we’ve got the style, and the price, you’re looking for. And don’t forget: VSP members get an extra 20% off eyewear.

Here's a look at some of the exciting new eyewear we’re adding to Eyeconic this year:



Saint Laurent SL 276 MICA

Saint Laurent SL 276 MICA sunglasses
These glasses are the cat’s meow! With their leopard-print designs and cat-eye frames, these suns are the purr-fect choice for anyone who loves a bit of feline flair in their wardrobe.


Lanvin LNV128S

Lanvin LNV128S sunglasses
Searching for a way to mix-up the classic aviator style? These new glasses from Lanvin feature a gold, corded design along the frames that levels up the familiar look.


Optical Glasses:

McAllister MC4517

McAllister MC4517 glasses
With a stylish rectangular shape and lightweight, geometric frame, these clear glasses from McAllister merge form and function. Perfect for those who prioritize simplicity in their accessories.


Lanvin LNV2628

Lanvin LNV2628 glasses

If you like big frames and tons of character, these glasses are for you. Grab them in Dark Havana if you want something that really pops, or opt for dark gray if you prefer something more relaxed. Either way, these glasses are sure to impress.


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Not sure which style is right for you? Don’t forget to try on your glasses using our Virtual Try-On tool. We also offer free shipping and returns, so you can be certain you end up with the glasses that are right for you.