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VSP Members Get an Extra $40 to Spend on These Eyewear Brands

Posted Feb 20, 2023 | Fashion & Trends

Can you feel it? That warm, fuzzy feeling in the air? That sense of romance and possibility? That unshakable yearning to reach out, find a connection, fall in love? No, we aren’t talking about Valentine’s Day. We’re talking about the Extra $40 that VSP members get to spend on these select brands!

After all: what better way to show yourself a little love than with a new pair of designer glasses? This Eyeconic promotion applies to eyewear from Calvin Klein, Calvin Klein Jeans, Cole Haan, Flexon, and Lacoste, so you’re sure to find something that makes your heart beat a little faster. 

Here are some of our favorite Extra $40 frames:

Calvin Klein Eyewear:

CK22546 Glasses

Calvin Klein CK22546 glasses
Calvin Klein is known for minimalistic, elegant glasses, and the CK22546s check off both of those boxes. These round frames come in dark tones like Blue Havana, shown here, as well as black, tortoise, and dark tortoise.


CK23501S Sunglasses

Calvin Klein CK23501S sunglasses
The CK23501S sunglasses feature a keyhole bridge and detailing along the temples for a unisex design with broad appeal.


Calvin Klein Jeans Eyewear:

CKJ526 Glasses

Calvin Klein Jeans CKJ526 glasses
Rectangle frames in Black Tort cast an arresting silhouette. A simple design that never goes out of style.


CKJ20219 Glasses

Calvin Klein Jeans CKJ20219 glasses

We love these metallic cat-eye glasses. The combination of a bold shape and reflective material makes them a perfect fit for anyone looking to make a statement with their eyewear.


Cole Haan Eyewear:

CH4509 Glasses

Cole Haan CH4509 glasses

Ready for lift off? The shape, shine, and temples of these round, geometric frames lend themselves to sci-fi-inspired style.  


CH7086 Sunglasses

Cole Haan CH7086 sunglasses

You can’t go wrong with these transparent cat-eye sunglasses and their lovely hues. A perfect pick for color-lovers, available in blush, lilac, and taupe.



Flexon Eyewear:

H6064 Glasses 

Flexon H6064 glasses

Square frames are a staple of modern eyewear design, and Flexon glasses come with the added benefit of extreme flexibility. Designed to bend, they’re especially good picks for those who are on the lookout for durable glasses.


Flexon H6064

E1133 Glasses

Flexon E1133 glasses

A striking blend of gold and black give these glasses an art-deco grandeur that’s sure to turn heads. And thanks to your extra $40, you’ll be able to nab these decadent frames at non-luxury prices!

Flexon E1133

Lacoste Eyewear:

L2919 Glasses

Lacoste L2919 glasses

Are you one of the many people who love a pair of bold, chunky cat-eyes glasses? The L2919s are available in three colors, including the Rose Havana tortoise shell pattern. Looking for something more conservative? We’ve got you covered with black and dark red.  


L986S Sunglasses

Lacoste L986S sunglasses

These sunglasses from Lacoste are tailor-made for summer days at the beach or around the barbecue. There are four colors available—and each offers an opportunity to save!


Want to see more styles? Shop our Extra $40 page to see all your options. And don’t forget: when you connect your insurance, you can save up to $220 on your purchase.