4 Surprising Reasons You Need Glasses (Even Without an Rx)

4 Surprising Reasons You Need Glasses (Even Without an Rx)

Posted Aug 25, 2017 | Eye Health

Nerd chic is in and even if you aced your eye exam, you may find yourself coveting a pair of designer glasses. 

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. The trend of wearing non-rx glasses is all the rage. So why should you invest in a pretty pair of glasses that you don’t technically need? We have a few reasons.

Here are 4 surprising reasons you should rock those non-prescription glasses:

  1. Function 

When you purchase your non-rx specs from Eyeconic, lens enhancements can make your fashion choice functional. Your lenses will already come with UV protection, but there are a few enhancements you can add to make your glasses even more beneficial.

Combat blue light with Techshield™ Blue. Blue light is all around us. It comes from computer screens, phones, televisions, even the sun. The problem is that when we are exposed to a lot of blue light, our eyes can become strained.  

What is blue light? Blue light is high energy visible light and has a short wave length, which makes it super high in energy. As blue light passes through the lens of your eye, it scatters. Your eyes can’t focus on this scattered light, so they have to work extra hard to compensate. All that extra work can lead to eyestrain and fatigue. 

You can combat this eye strain by adding a blue light reduction lens on your non-prescription lenses. Just select Techshield Blue at checkout.

Put your glasses on double duty with Sunsync® Light-Reactive Lenses. If you don’t want to carry around your cute specs and sunglasses on a sunny day, look into a photochromic lenses options such as SunSync Light-Reactive Lenses. SunSync lenses automatically darken in sunlight and lighten indoors or at night, giving you two types of lenses all in one stylish package. They also filter out blue light and provide 100% UV protection. 

  1. Fashion

Just like prescription glasses, non-rx come in a variety of frame materials, brands, shapes, and colors making them a popular accessory that instantly transforms your entire look. Want to add an air of sophistication during an interview? Grab some square frames and you’re ready to go.

  1. Quality

Not all non-prescription glasses are created equal. When shopping around for a pair, you may be tempted to go for a cheap pair. Do yourself—and your eye health— a favor and don’t

If you’re going to spend the time searching for the perfect pair, you should take quality into consideration. Treat your eyes to high quality frames from trusted brands like Nike, Salvatore Ferragamo, and Stella McCartney. 

You should also consider the lens quality you are buying. For example, polycarbonate lenses (included with Eyeconic glasses) are thinner, lighter, and 10 times stronger than the standard CR-39 lenses (what you get on other sites) making them the perfect lens for athletes, safety glasses, and eyewear for children and adults who prefer lightweight, protective lenses. 

  1. Kids 

With the emergence of “geek chic” and the surge of superheroes wearing glasses (we’re looking at you, Superman and Wonder Woman) it should be no surprise when your kid asks for a pair of specs. 

If an annual eye exam has already determined glasses aren’t needed, non-rx glasses are a great option. Not only will they feel just as cool as their favorite superhero, but by adding TechShield Blue, you will have a piece of mind knowing they won’t be bothered by digital eye strain.

Ready to show off your style and protect your eyes with a new go-to accessory? Find your favorite pair of specs on the Eyeconic. Then, add TechShield Blue or SunSync enhancement to your order at checkout.