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4 Things You Need to Know About Open Enrollment

Posted Sep 12, 2019 | Eye Health

1. It’s open enrollment season!

Once a year your employer will offer you the opportunity to change your insurance options and add on benefits like vision insurance. Thinking you don’t need to spend that extra $$ every month on vision insurance? Think again! In fact, getting an annual eye exam is an important part of maintaining your overall health—even if you aren’t noticing any vision problems—and can help detect health conditions like hypertension or diabetes.

Pro tip: Vision insurance isn’t just for people who need to wear glasses.

2. Not sure when your company’s open enrollment is?

Reach out to your Human Resources representative to learn more. Open enrollment is the time of year where you can select your vision, health, and dental benefits. How do you enroll in vision insurance? Find out if vision care is offered through your employer.

3. Is Open Enrollment the Only Time You can sign up for vision insurance?  

Nope! There are times throughout the year that are considered “qualifying events” such as getting married or having a baby. Check with your company policies to find out when you can sign up outside of the typical Open Enrollment season.

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