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Posted Aug 29, 2019 | Eye Health

You should keep a pair of glasses handy even if you regularly wear contacts. But why, tho? It’s a common question we hear so we’ve gathered up some facts about living a balanced life with lenses. Read through these four reasons why it’s a good idea to have both contacts and glasses on hand:

It’s Smart to Give Your Eyes a Rest.

Your eyes need to put their feet up from time to time too and here’s why. They need to relax just like you and having contacts in all the time doesn’t really give your eyes the opportunity to breathe and hit the reset button. One advantage of glasses is that the lenses don’t touch your eyes, so oxygen can reach them and there’s less chance of an infection. It’s important to give your eyes at least a few hours every night but you should also be considering a day- or even week-long break from your contacts.

What If You Can’t Wear Your Contacts?

The unexpected is always right around the corner. We’re not here to jinx you so read this next section and prepare yourself to knock on some wood. Life happens and if you have an unexpected trauma to your eye, even something minor like a scratch or infection, wearing a contact lens may cause discomfort or even put you at risk of long-term damage. Glasses are real lifesavers in situations like these.

When Allergens Attack, Glasses Can Come to the Rescue.

Allergens irritating your eyes? The last thing you want to do is trap them under a contact lens pressing them nice and close to your eyeballs. Carrying a backup pair of glasses when your allergies flare up gives you a quick solution that will bring you back to clear and comfortable vision.

Prescriptions Don’t Come in One Size Fits All, and Sometimes Mistakes are Made.

If I need contacts and glasses are the prescriptions the same? No, my friend, they are not the same. Because your contacts are hugging your eye there are additional measurements and specifications that need to be met for your contact to fit just as it should. Eyeconic will always call and confirm with your doctor to make sure we’ve got the right prescription in hand but that’s not always the case with other online retailers. You should always double check with your doctor before ordering contacts online that you have the proper prescription.

Moral of the story? Don’t forget about the importance of your nightstand glasses. They love you too and when your contacts fail to have your back, they’ll always be there for you.

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