4 Flexon Frames We Love: Fashion-forward Glasses to Suite Any Style

4 Fashion-forward Flexon Frames We Love

Posted Nov 14, 2017 | Fashion & Trends

The Flexon name is synonymous with durability, strength, and flexibility. While that’s certainly true, they are also showing up on the scene with on-trend, unisex styles. Flexon might just be our best kept secret of the season.
Launched in 1988, Flexon is known for changing the world of durable eyewear with its “memory metal” allowing them to be flexed, bent, or twisted and return to their original shape. They even make exceptionally strong and durable kid’s glasses, which is a win, considering the average wear and tear of children’s eyewear.

Flexon Eyewear is designed in classic, modern shapes, offering a sophisticated appeal. They’re built to last, offering superior quality for those who live an active lifestyle (or for those of us who are just hard on our glasses).

With Flexon, the fit and feel of the feather-light, flexible material makes it completely unique to any other metal frame on the market.
Here are four of our favorite frames:

  • On trend: Round metal glasses are back and the Flexon Edison 600 comes in three metal finishes, making it look great with any skin tone.
  • Retro love: We also dig this retro style featuring a navigator-style double bridge. They’re not only great for single vision, but also well suited for a progressive lens. No need to be concerned about getting the perfect fit because Eyeconic provides adjustments at a VSP doctor’s office, on us! The nose pads can be fine-tuned to achieve a custom fit.
  • Fun in the sun: As for sunwear, we’re in love with the classic aviator style, which offers several colors and detail finishes, all while achieving a great modern look, with polarized lenses. It looks great on men and women and never goes out of style.
  • Innovative eyewear: Flexon’s newest collection, Evolution, continues to evolve with sophisticated technology. The new Latitude release features temples overlaid with a rubber sleeve. The laser cuts on the rubber sleeve of the Flexon E1113 offer durability and a unique visual aesthetic. We love the modern design and clean lines of the temples—inspired by elements of technology.

With unique colors, various metal finishes, unisex styles, and ultra-durable options for kids, Flexon is great for just about anyone. It may be the best kept secret for now, but not for long!