Shop ‘Guy’ Approved Eyewear

Posted Feb 25, 2020 | Fashion & Trends

The Eyeconic guys have come together and shared their favorite glasses from our latest release. Keep reading to see why they like each frame, what kind of style it represents, and more. When you apply your benefits on Eyeconic you pay an average of $25 out-of-pocket—that’s style for a steal.

Greg Davis, Eyeconic Customer Care

I like the Nautica N7309 in Matte Black. These frames look great and feel great with a comfortable fit on my face. It’s very similar to my current style. A larger circular shape tends to rest on my checks and cover a lot of my face. These glasses are a more stylish semi-rimless look that allows more of me to be seen. My favorite part of these glasses is the thinner rounded rectangular look. They add more style to my look, much like wearing a nice watch.

Best Use: Office
Why: Great Fit
Style: Fits my face and elevates my style
Price: $$

Nautica N7309 glasses

Greg's Pick

Casey Hartwell, Eyeconic Brand Manager

The Dragon DR126 Count is a classic style, lightweight feel, and a great form and fit for my large face. Yes, I have a giant dome. All these things combined makes it an easy choice for me. It’s pretty similar to my typical style. Not only is this frame lightweight but it’s very durable.

Best Use: Everyday Wear
Why: Great Fit, Classic Style
Style: Fits my large face and looks good
Price: $$

Dragon DR126 Count glasses

Casey's pick

Andrew Kinuthia, Eyeconic Supply Chain Analyst

My favorite frame is the Lacoste L2829. It’s super light and delivers a clean look. These are the first square glasses I have ever owned, and they were a great choice. I realized after I bought them that a square shape is much more flattering for my face then the usual rectangle frames I’d go with. These glasses are quite minimalistic and with the matte black finish accentuated by a thin metallic temple, they provide an elegant look at a decent price point.

Best Use: Executive Meeting to Happy Hour
Why: Personal New Style
Style: Elegant Frame with Detail
Price: $

Lacoste L2829 glasses

Andrew's Pick

Rich Tawney, Eyeconic VP of Retail

I’m partial to a full frame with a solid color. In fact, I have several of them in all your basic colors. This frame is my usual style. I think everyone could benefit from a solid black frame in their collection. I’m partial to a full frame for all my glasses and sunglasses.

Best Use: Weekend Vibes
Why: Full Rim
Style: Perfect Staple
Price: $

Marchon NYC M-3503 glasses

Rich's Pick

Sam Keshavarz, Eyeconic Site Marketing

The artistic styling of Salvatore Ferragamo really speaks to me. Last year was the first year I had a prescription, and I was surprised and humbled while also reminded of the importance of an annual comprehensive eye exam. Last year I chose a rectangular frame from Ferragamo. This year I think I’ll step out and try this round frame. I really like the classic and clean look of this metal frame.

Best Use: Gallery Openings and Whiskey Tasting
Why: New Look 
Style: Classic and Clean
Price: $$$$

Salvatore Ferragamo SF2171 glasses

Sam's Pick

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