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5 Ways to Upgrade Your Outfit with Glasses

Posted Nov 19, 2019 | Fashion & Trends

Choosing your outfit every morning may be difficult… but we’ve made choosing your eyewear easy. Keep reading to learn 5 ways to upgrade your outfit based on current eyewear fashion trends!

1. Geometric Trend

Aren’t all frames technically geometric? Well, this trend refers to shapes outside of the typical square box. These octagon glasses from Marchon NYC and Nike upgrade any outfit by adding some extra angles. NOTE: The case it arrives in will still be a rectangle.

Marchon NYC M-4501 Glasses

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2. Bold Frame with Neutral Outfit

What’s black, white and tan? HINT: It’s not a dog—sorry. It’s your neutral outfit while wearing these super bold Jones New York J235 or Persol PO3175V frames. This is like adding secret sauce to a meal seasoned with salt and pepper.

Jones New York J235 Glasses

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3. Subtle Frame with a Bold Outfit

If your outfit IS the secret sauce, tone down your eyewear by wearing a classy, subtle frame. Try these Ferragamo SF2175 cat-eye glasses or a clear frame from Dom Vetro—new to

Salvatore Ferragamo SF2175 Glasses

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4. Temple Detailing

Business in the front… party on the sides? Might be the wrong saying, but is totally the right look. These bebe BB5168 and MCM2129 glasses feature side detailing that will turn heads when you turn yours.

Bebe BB5168 Glasses

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5. Thin Metal

Classy and sleek, this thin metal eyewear trend is everywhere. Check out these new DKNY DK1000 frames with a semi-rimless design—that’s upside down. Or some Dragon DR197 Dee glasses with a trendy high floating bridge.

DKNY DK1000 Glasses

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