6 Trendy Glasses in Style for 2019

6 Trendy Glasses in Style for 2019

Posted Jan 3, 2019 | Fashion & Trends

Looking for a style revamp this year? We feel ya. Here’s a selection of on-trend glasses and sunglasses for 2019: 

1. Cat-Eye Frames

In our high-tech world of smartphones, electric cars, and instant macaroni and cheese, there’s an appreciation for anything considered “retro.” Cat-eye glasses are experiencing a resurgence in interest, and we predict you’ll be seeing more of these distinctive frames in 2019. The Longchamp LO2615 frames pictured here are one of our favorite picks for women, but we’ve got plenty of cat-eye glasses for you to consider.

Longchamp LO2615 glasses

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2. Mirrored Sunglasses

Flash lenses aren’t just for Instagram influencers. Mirrored sunglasses reflect light while providing a clear view for the wearer. They look cool and protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. Sun safety is always important, and we think mirrored sunglasses are the way to go for summer 2019. Take a look at the Maui Jim Beaches shades featured here to see if you agree.

Maui Jim Beaches Sunglasses

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3. Round Glasses

Fashion is cyclical, so it’s no surprise that round-frame glasses are on our shortlist of hot looks for 2019. Originally popular in the early 20th century, round glasses are back in a big way. They’re a departure from the common (and still cool) rectangle frames that dominate modern eyewear. One of our favorite pairs is featured here, the Ray-Ban RX6378 unisex glasses. You can browse more round glasses on Eyeconic.

Ray-Ban RX6387 glasses

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4. Clear Frame Glasses

Clear frames were relatively rare until recently, but many brands now offer this option. They’re a great choice if you don’t want your glasses to distract from your facial features (and why would you?). Expect to come across more friends and family wearing clear frames, like these Airlock 3002 glasses for women, in 2019. Intrigued? Check out all our clear frame glasses for men and women.

Airlock 3002 glasses

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5. Rimless Glasses

A fashionable mix of bold and conservative, rimless glasses stand out while maintaining familiar shapes. They’re usually lighter due to the lack of a rim around the lenses, and we think 2019 is going to shape up to be a big year for these frames. One of our favorites, the CALVIN KLEIN CK536 frames for men, epitomize the look.

CALVIN KLEIN CK536 glasses

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6. Oversized Sunglasses

We expect oversized sunglasses to remain popular in 2019, if only because they’re the ultimate statement piece on the beach. We like these Cole Haan CH7001 women’s sunglasses because of the unique shape and thick rims.

Cole Haan CH7001 sunglasses

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