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7 Affordable Eyeglasses for Any Budget

Posted Jan 22, 2019 | Fashion & Trends

A big part of shopping for prescription glasses is finding frames you love at a price you can afford. After all, overspending on eyewear could cause double-vision when you see your credit card bill. That’s why Eyeconic carries plenty of affordable frames from high-quality brands. Here are our favorite glasses that come in under $150 before taxes*:

1. Altair® A5028 Cat-Eye Glasses (Women’s Frames)

It doesn’t cost a fortune to be fashionable. Cat-eye glasses are in right now, and these sleek frames from Altair® hit all the right notes. Shiny rivets on the temples contrast nicely with the darker frame colors. Right now, these stylish women’s glasses are $140—a real deal, in our opinion.

Altair® A5028 glasses
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2. Genesis® G5032 Semi-Rimless Glasses (Women's Frames)

These lightweight, semi-rimless frames have an oval shape perfect for women with square faces. Stainless steel fronts meet a metal charm with sparkling stones near the hinges—a subtle but elegant flourish that will get noticed. Here’s something truly eye-catching: these frames are yours for $122!

Genesis G5032® glasses
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3. Marchon NYC™​​​​​​​ M-Carlton Glasses (Men's Frames)

Gentlemen, we haven’t forgotten about you. These rectangle frames are classy and understated. We love the double-rivet detailing and color options. You can sport a new pair of Marchon NYC™ glasses for only $146.

Marchon NYC™ M-Carlton glasses
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4. Nautica N7298 Glasses (Men's Frames)

A new pair of slim, rectangle-frame glasses may be just the thing to complete your look. Spring hinges and easily adjustable nose pads give the Nautica N7298 glasses a particularly comfortable fit. They can be yours starting at $149.

Nautica N7298 glasses
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5. Nine West NW5156 Glasses (Women's Frames)

We came for the trendy geek-chic style and stayed for the incredible price ($132!). Nine West’s NW5156 glasses feature a cool ombre color effect and a small signature heart cut-out at the end of the left temple arm. All in all, a great petite frame from a quality designer.

Nine West NW5156 glasses
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6. Genesis® G5034 Cat-Eye Glasses (Women's Frames)

These cat-eye glasses have an elongated oval shape that sets them apart from other frames. Bold, feminine styling doesn’t veer into “cutesy” territory—the perfect frames for a take-charge woman who can also spot a bargain. These glasses are available from $122.

Genesis G5034® glasses
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7. Nine West NW5148 Glasses (Women's Frames)

Last but not least, Nine West’s NW5148 transparent frames are available in four flattering colors. The narrow rectangle shape really works here, and they’re a great find at $146.

Nine West NW5148 glasses
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How to Get Discounts on Brand-Name Eyewear

Shopping for prescription glasses can be confusing because you may end up paying less than the list price. That’s always a nice surprise, but may cause you to think certain frames are out of reach when they really aren’t.

Vision insurance will often cover a significant portion of frames and prescription lenses. Before making your purchase, try linking up your VSP, MetLife, or Cigna vision benefits with your Eyeconic account to see what you can save. Once the accounts are connected, you’ll see the price you pay on each pair while browsing the site. 

You should also check out our Eyewear Discounts & Promotions page for special offers that may apply to your new glasses. Eyeconic is passionate about helping people find glasses they love, and we go the extra mile to help you save every dollar along the way.

*Single-vision lenses included. Prices may have changed since this article was posted.

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