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7 of Our Favorite Lacoste Glasses for Men & Women

Posted Nov 15, 2018 | Fashion & Trends

Lacoste is an iconic French brand whose green crocodile logo can be found on polo shirts, shoes, eyewear, and more. Founded in 1933, the company has a reputation for style and quality that’s made it a favorite around the world. We took the time to review their frames to bring you seven of our favorite Lacoste glasses. 

1. Lacoste L2217 Glasses for Men

Elegant and lightweight, the Lacoste L2217 frames are at home in the office or on the golf course. Rectangular lenses are always in style, and the crocodile logo on the inside of the temple is a nice touch.

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2. Lacoste L2767 Women’s Glasses

Square-shaped lenses with curved corners lend the L2767s a distinctly feminine shape. These Lacoste glasses aren’t shrinking violets, though—the thick frame and textured temples add an edge that we think you’ll appreciate.

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3. Lacoste L2707 Men’s Glasses

Hello, handsome. The Lacoste L2707 frames make a statement with colorful piping on the temples and an extended Lacoste logo. Keep it conservative with the Havana color or opt for an attention-grabber in Blue Steel-Orange.



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4. Lacoste L2705 Glasses for Men

Multi-layer color combinations, thick temples, and a comfortable fit make the Lacoste L2705 glasses one of our top choices for men. These are head-turners sure to earn compliments from people who’ll wish they had your fashion sense.

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5. Lacoste L2808 Glasses

Extremely lightweight due in part to their thin temples, these unisex frames are a favorite of ours. The Lacoste L2808’s clean lines and lean profile give it a timeless style that looks great on men and women.


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6. Lacoste L2815 Glasses

Looking for a new pair of round-frame glasses? Allow us to introduce you to the Lacoste L2815 unisex frames. Simple but sophisticated, these glasses got our attention with their understated style.

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7. Lacoste L2822 Glasses for Women

Cat-eye glasses get a modern spin with the Lacoste L2822 frames. If you’re looking for a retro vibe that doesn’t cross over into costume territory, these are a great option.

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