Issa Mood: 7 Frames for Every Mood

Posted Dec 5, 2019 | Fashion & Trends

You ever reach for your same pair of glasses and wish you could trade them in for how you’re feeling right now? Yeah, us too! Luckily, our new fall arrivals are a BIG mood, and pair nicely with all your vibes. Whether you’re feeling extra, glamorous, or bold, we’ve rounded up our newest and most stylish frames for you to easily shop on


Oh, is my ambition showing? Sorry, just busy being studious and productive in my Marchon NYC M-8001 frames. When your vibe screams intellectual, pair your mood with these simple-yet-sophisticated glasses.

Marchon NYC M-8001 glasses

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She has arrived! Pull up to every occasion feeling your most glamorous self with these bebe BB5172 frames. With encrusted Swarovski® Crystals that wrap around the front of the frame to the center of the temple, you can take your mood from a 5 to an 11 with a touch of sparkle.

bebe BB5172 frames

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When being #basic is on trend, up your eyewear game with a sleek and trendy pair of frames. These DKNY DK5012 glasses are versatile and can be worn with every outfit. Let your inner basic chick shine and show off your effortless style.

DKNY DK5012 glasses

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These cool grey Nike glasses go well with a fresh pair of sneakers and an athletic vibe. Whether you’re headed to the gym or living an active lifestyle, sporting these Nike 7253 frames will upgrade your mood and score a home run in the style department.

Nike 7253 glasses

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When your whole mood speaks style and grace (Cali peeps, you know the reference), match your chic vibe with these feminine classic round frames. These Calvin Klein CK19130 glasses are lightweight with slim all-metal frames and add a modern pop of style to your look.

Calvin Klein CK19130 glasses

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MOOD: Daring, bold, and fearless.  Add style to your wardrobe with these MCM cat-eyed frames and radiate confidence. Stand out on the days when you’re feeling more adventurous with your look.

MCM2661 glasses

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A little bit rockstar, a little bit business casual. These DKNY DK1001 frames are slightly oversized and semi-rimless, adding some edginess to your ensemble. They combine some eye-catching details but are easy to wear to the office and dress up later for happy hour.

DKNY DK1001 frames

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