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Work It! 7 Professional Glasses Perfect for the Office

Posted Mar 27, 2019 | Fashion & Trends

Looking for glasses that pair well with a power suit, pumps, and a corner office? We’re happy to help! The right eyeglasses can project authority, professionalism, and a strong sense of style. Luckily, your new frames don’t have to be stodgy and old-fashioned. Here are seven of our favorite professional glasses for the office:

1. Calvin Klein CK19569 Rectangle-frame Glasses (Unisex)

Calvin Klein is a brand built for the modern office; the clean lines and simple designs fit into almost any company culture. The CK19569 frames are available in black for a conservative approach, while the Grey or Smoke suggest an edgy undertone to your office persona.

Calvin Klein CK19569 glasses

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2. Flexon 623 Round-Frame Glasses (Unisex)

Round-frame glasses have an air of elegance and professionalism, perfect for people who work in finance, law, or academia. The Flexon 623 wireframe glasses accommodate progressive lenses, and this is important if you need to focus across a range of distances to see documents, screens, co-workers, or clients.

 Flexon 623 glasses

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3. Bebe BB5189 Cat-Eye Frames (Women)

Cat-eye glasses are on-trend, and they’re a great fit for the office. The BB5189 from Bebe adds a unique beveled rim for a layer of coolness. We can see these frames on a marketing director, graphic designer, or other creative type.

Bebe beb5189 glasses

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4. Ray-Ban RX5397 Round-Frame Glasses (Unisex)

These popular Ray-Ban frames feature a classic shape and the brand’s iconic logo at the hinges. Available in Tortoise or Havane Blue, the RX5397 will make even a junior staffer look like the boss.

Rayban RX5397 glasses

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5. MCM MCM2713 Cat-Eye Glasses (Women)

Born in Munich but bred for the boardroom, the MCM2713 glasses add a bit of high-fashion to the cat-eye craze. The dramatic flare at the temples is contrasted by simple metal squares near the hinges. These elegant beauties are available in black, caramel and tortoise.

MCM2713 glasses

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6. Kate Spade Diandra Rectangle-Frame Glasses (Women)

The Kate Spade Diandra frame features feminine embellishment with the spade logo at the temples. The narrow rectangle shape projects savvy and sophistication—a perfect fit for the office.

Kate Spade Diandra glasses

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7. Cole Haan CH4008 Thick-Frame Glasses (men)

The CH4008 glasses feature acetate gradient fronts for a modern frame that suggests personal style and confidence. You can choose from three color options, and these frames are compatible with progressive lenses.

Cole Haan CH4036 glasses

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Blue-Light Computer Glasses & Progressive Lenses for the Office

Buying glasses that you’ll be comfortable wearing to work isn’t just about style—the right lenses are important, too.

Blue Light Lenses: Spend a lot of time at the computer? Screens emit blue light that can cause eye strain. Blue-light lenses filter out this wavelength so you’re more comfortable typing up reports, reviewing spreadsheets, or sending insightful emails. Learn more about TechShield™ Blue lenses.

Progressive Lenses: Also known as multifocal lenses, progressives allow you to see clearly across a range of distances. There are no lines to separate prescriptions, so they’re a popular choice that have all but replaced bifocals. Not all frames can accommodate progressive lenses, so be sure to check before placing your order.

Choosing lenses shop blue light frames

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