Rose Gold Sunglasses

7 Rose Gold Sunglasses for Summer

Posted Jul 18, 2019 | Fashion & Trends

Everything rose gold is in style right now—phones, watches, jewelry, and now sunglasses!
Keep reading to see 7 stylish pairs of rose gold suns in all different shapes and sizes; all loved, chosen, and adored by the Eyeconic team!

1. Longchamp LO644S Sunglasses

Pretty in pink! These Longchamp cat-eye suns look like glass and feel oh-so-sleek. They can be dressed up or down, making them the perfect addition to any outfit. They also come in black, havana, and nude… but going avant-garde will get you some views.

Longchamp LO644S sunglasses

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2. Calvin Klein CK19101S Sunglasses

Talk about detail! Unique shapes and elegant details are trending right now (almost as much as rose gold is). These aviator-inspired cat-eye suns offer an innovative contrast between rose gold, gold, and tortoise-colored elements. They also come in black, brown, and teal; it’s hard to pick a favorite!

Calvin Klein CK19101S sunglasses

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3. Lacoste L903S Sunglasses

An optical illusion from every angle, these Lacoste L903S mirrored sunglasses might catch a few double takes (from how awesome they are!). The seamless front profile paired with textured temples offer a contemporary, one-of-a-kind style. Plus, people probably won’t stop looking at you—partially because they can see their own reflection.

Lacoste L903S sunglasses

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4. Cole Haan CH7042 Sunglasses

Our featured pair! These Cole Haan suns are a more subtle approach to wearing rosy-pink sunglasses without sacrificing any glamour. They have more classic, dark lenses with detailed burgundy temples. The rose gold semi-rim gives a cat-eye look to add some extra dimension and style—even though you already have plenty!

Cole Haan CH7042 sunglasses

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5. Anne Klein AK7057 Sunglasses

These Anne Klein aviator sunglasses have a cat-eye shape and gradient lenses. This is a unique spin on the classic aviator look, and we are here for it!

Anne Klein AK7057 sunglasses

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6. DKNY DK102S Sunglasses

These aviator sunglasses from DKNY are a new spin on a classic favorite. The accented brow bar adds the flair we never knew we needed. At only $99, these are a screaming deal! If you want an even better deal, connect your vision benefits and save more of those hard-earned dollars on prescription eyewear!

DKNY DK102S sunglasses

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7. Lacoste L887S Sunglasses

A modern oval shape in a matte rose color, these Lacoste sunglasses look even better IRL (this stands for “in real life.” We just learned this too and now can’t stop saying it). The contrast between the shiny lens and matte frame makes for a stunning look. These contemporary suns come in black, purple, and green, too!

Lacoste L887S sunglasses

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