New York Fashion Week Inspired Trends

New York Fashion Week: 7 Fashion Trends to Watch

Posted Sep 5, 2019 | Fashion & Trends

New York Fashion Week (NYFW) is an iconic—or Eyeconic, if you will—annual exposition of the following spring’s looks. Since next year is 2020, the perfect year in the vision world, we wanted to dive in now!

Our team set out to find the latest eyewear trends as NYFW quickly approaches. Check out our interview with some of the designers we work with!

Pulling from our curated selection, we created a sneak peek of 7 upcoming fashion trends. That way, you can sit back and track the other fun man-rompers (yes, that’s a thing).

1. Geometric | Calvin Klein CK19502S

Think outside the box—or should we say those same-old square frames. New in upcoming eyewear fashion is creating unique shapes that are outside the norm. With these Calvin Klein sunglasses, add a few more angles (4 to be exact) and spruce up your style.

Calvin Klein CK19502S sunglasses

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2. Thin wire | Salvatore Ferragamo SF2178

While sunglasses are gettin’ fancy, we’ve noticed some trends of optical frames getting a little more simplified. These Salvatore Ferragamo SF2178 glasses have minimalist vibes with amplified elegance.
Salvatore Ferragamo SF2178 glasses

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3. Shields | DKNY504S

These DKNY frames don’t just shield you from the sun...They’ll literally shield you from anything. UV rays? Check. Ex-bae? Check. No wonder shield-shaped sunglasses are making an appearance in the fashion world.

DKNY DK504S shield sunglasses

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4. Butterfly | Salvatore Ferragamo SF928S

Fly away with these Salvatore Ferragamo butterfly sunglasses. This butterfly-shaped eyewear trend is showing up in both sunglasses and optical frames. They even come with their very own cocoon, also known as a case, if you’d prefer the mild terminology.

Salvatore Ferragamo SF928S butterfly sunglasses

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5. Clear & Skinny | DKNY DK5006

Hitting two birds with one stone, these DKNY glasses are both clear and skinny; two highly elevated fashion elements of recent eyewear trends. It would be good to mention that we don’t condone actually hitting birds with stones, however we do condone using your insurance benefits AND getting stylish frames (that’s two more birds right there).

DKNY DK5006 glasses

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6. Oversized | Cole Haan CH7003

Take a look at these Cole Haan oversized sunglasses. The tortoise temples and gradient lenses are to die for. They scream “you can’t see me” while also drawing all attention to your face. In NY Fashion Week terms, this means they’re perfect.

Cole Haan CH7003 sunglasses

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7. Tiny Rounds | Calvin Klein CK5449

Last year it was tiny homes—now it’s all about tiny rounds. Which means you can wear these tiny glasses in your tiny home and live happily ever after. Or at least until the next eyewear trends come out.

Calvin Klein CK5449 glasses

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BONUS: Staff pick | Longchamp LO636S

We may not live in NYC, but we do know a few designers. Our team travels the world picking out the perfect frames for our site. We always have our hand on the latest fashion trends, allowing us to forecast frames for the coming seasons. Personally, we think you’d make big strides with these beautiful Longchamp sunglasses.

Longchamp LO636S sunglasses