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9 Longchamp Frames We Love: Staff Picks from Our Team

Posted Nov 27, 2018 | Fashion & Trends

We recruited nine Eyeconic and VSP team members to use our Virtual Try-On tool in order to find the best Longchamp glasses for them. Check out their reviews below—you’re bound to discover a look that piques your interest!

1. Lindsey’s Pick: Longchamp LO2101 Frames
“Loving Longchamp LO2101 in Havana! I always look for frames that are high on style but still easy to integrate into my everyday life. Longchamp is a classic brand that makes frames modern and fun, and I am seriously digging the architectural, but still feminine, detail on the bridge and temple!”

Lindsey is a Senior Communications Specialist and works on ways to help educate VSP members on the importance of eye health and enrolling in your vision benefits. It’s as easy as checking a box and helps you to keep a pulse on your overall health and wellness.

Virtually Try-On

2. Raghu’s Pick: Longchamp LO104S Aviator Sunglasses

“I love it’s modern take on the classic aviator. This frame has gold hues that look great with my complexion. I always look for lenses with 100% UV protection lenses, too. I picked the Longchamp LO104S Gold frame for my staff pick.”

Raghu is the Eyeconic team’s Master of Analytics. He works hard every day to help us make sense of the numbers while also dropping insightful knowledge bombs. Follow him @raghuseo to be in the know. You won’t regret it.

Virtually Try-On

3. Alicia’s Pick: Longchamp LO2605 Glasses

“It was hard to choose just ONE Longchamp frame, but I landed on this fave: LO2605 (and I’d add TechShield Blue, of course!). What I love most about this frame is the tortoise and cream color block. I’m also really into the rounder-style right now. When shopping for eyewear, I typically focus on style and color first, then narrow down to the perfect pair based on overall fit. The Longchamp portfolio offers such fashionable, yet simple frames—a great option for folks like me who need eyewear that can go with everything, everyday!”

Alicia is a Senior Marketing Manager and works diligently to make sure employees understand their access to affordable vision care through their employer.


4. Julie’s Pick: Longchamp L Frames

“The chic look of the frame and the use of metal material make it simply elegant. Fit is extremely important to me because I have a wide face. Having Virtual Try-On helps me determine what works best for my face when I want to shop online. As you can see, VTO and actual frame on my face is pretty much identical!

Longchamp is well-known for its iconic Le Pliage bag because it is quality, affordable luxury. Quality is key in my life so when a brand does it right, I tend to stay loyal to them.”

Julie is our frame brand liaison and has the scoop on all the industry buzz. To say she’s a brand maven is an understatement. We love her.

Virtually Try-On

5. Lauren’s Pick: Longchamp L Frames

"My favorite thing about these frames is they feature mixed metal. The black and gold are forever classics but the sleek frames add a modern flare. I look for frames that will complement my versatile wardrobe. That means the color and shape need to match with a lot of my clothes. I also choose a timeless, classic with a modern twist as to ensure the style doesn’t go out of trend. I love the rounded frames with an exaggerated temple."

Lauren works on the content team of our parent company, VSP. Check out their fun posts at to get “Your daily peek at eye care,” pun intended. 😉

Virtually Try-On

6. Heather’s Pick: Longchamp LO2615 Cat-Eye Glasses

I love using the Virtual Try-On because it doesn’t look like a mugshot. So many online VTOs can be so unflattering. The color and shape of the LO2615 frames are reminiscent of another era and they make me feel whimsical. I usually look for frames that flatter my face (duh) and are a little bit different than what everyone else is wearing.  Just like the right lip-color, complementary frames can make or break your look. Longchamp styling appeals to me because the frames have strong lines but are not overwhelming.
Heather is a project manager on our team and works closely with our talented web team to make sure everything is humming along magically every day.

Virtually Try-On

7. Krista’s Pick: Longchamp LO2613 Frames

This classic but feminine marbled frame is right up my alley! Although, admittedly I’ve always been the “black goes with everything” type, I’m still a sucker for a frame that pops. With a marbled purple and tortoise color finished off with a few gold accents, this Longchamp LO2613 frame is easily my favorite. I almost always gravitate toward rectangular shaped frames with a bit of a girly feel to them. With light hair, skin, and eyes, I’m usually a fan of bolder colors that stand out on my face. When I think Longchamp, I think timeless and feminine with a touch of edgy. I love a feminine style that lasts, but still pushes the boundaries a little.

Krista works alongside Lauren creating fun new content around eye health and fashion. You can find her cleverly crafted content in the same place,


8. Ericka’s Pick: Longchamp LO2101 Glasses

I love that these Longchamp LO2101 glasses have gold accents on them. Usually, black frames look really harsh on my face because of my darker features, but the gold really adds a luxurious and feminine touch! I feel smart, but also girly… like a pretty, stylish nerd—and I love it!  Frames need to look cute but also feel comfortable for me. The practical side of me will usually have to look for something with a stronger nose bridge or they’ll slip off all-day. The fashion side of me is always looking for something classic with a fun twist whether that’s a cool color, shape, or embellishment. I like them to be unique, but still something I can wear with everything. I really like the feminine lines of the frames from Longchamp. Their frames are simple, yet refined (kinda like their bags!).
Ericka is our PR queen and finds exciting ways to share Eyeconic on a regular basis. Not only is she a stylish boss lady but she also produces VSP’s Ask an Eye Doc! Check out the crazy things people ask our resident doctors. :D

Virtually Try-On

9. Sarah’s Pick: Longchamp LO2602 Glasses

There were just too many Longchamp eyeglasses to choose! But I landed on the LO2602 in Havana Honey. Any glasses that are round I am instantly a fan of, these are no different. What I love about them, though, is that even though they have the round shape I love, they are not too round. The two-toned color adds dimension along with the metal in the temples. I have a small face, and these are a size 49 which I know will fit me perfectly!

Sarah is our Eyeconic buyer for everything you’ll see on our site! She’s got some great insight into the world of sunglasses and glasses. Learn more about Sarah from her interview!


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