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7 Best Glasses for Square Faces

Posted Sep 25, 2018 | Fashion & Trends

The shape of your face is one factor to consider when buying new glasses. The general rule is to wear frames that contrast with your face shape, so people with square faces usually look best in round or oval glasses.

Why is this the prevailing advice? Curves tend to soften sharp angles at the forehead and jawline for a cosmetically pleasing look. Here are seven of our favorite frames to consider if you have a square-shaped face:

1. Skaga 2613-U ASK Glasses for Women

We love the wood detailing along the temples of these Skaga frames. The oval shape is perfect for people with square faces, and the cool color options allow you to match them to your personal style.

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2. Dragon DR159 Nicky Glasses for Men

For round-frame glasses that complement a square face, the Dragon DR159 Nicky frames are masculine and stylish. There are three colors to choose from including two tortoise shell options.


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3. Chloé CE2130 Women’s Glasses

You knew Chloé would make an appearance on our list? The designer consistently produces beautiful eyewear. The CE2130 round-frame glasses feature a double-bridge and have real vintage appeal.

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4. Flexon Edison 600 Men’s Glasses

Eureka! Flexon® is onto something with these wire-frame glasses. The round shape is perfect for people with square faces, and we think it adds a bit of academic flair too.


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5. Nike 7113 Glasses for Men & Women

We’re all in on the Nike 7113s. The clear style looks sharp and there are two other equally compelling color options available. Whether you have a square face or just want to take your eyeglasses game to the next level, these frames deliver.


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6. MCM MCM2611A Glasses for Women

Let’s cut to the chase. These MCM2611A glasses are overflowing with style. The rounded lenses and metal detailing make a bold statement. Regardless of face shape, these glasses are going to get you noticed for all the right reasons.

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7. Stella McCartney SC0126O Glasses for Women

The shiny rose gold coloring is a fantastic addition to these round-frame glasses from Stella McCartney—and a stylish choice for women with square faces.

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Ready to shop for your next pair of glasses? Make sure you check in with your doctor for a comprehensive eye exam and an up-to-date prescription.

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