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How to Style Eyeconic's New Jewel-Inspired Glasses

Posted Oct 18, 2023 | Fashion & Trends

Do you have a crush on carbuncle? Are you sweet on sapphire, or out of your mind for onyx? If you’ve ever felt the call of the crystal, Eyeconic has great news for you: this season, we’re highlighting our fantastic assortment of jewel-tone glasses. Whether you’ve been sporting these spectacular tones for years, or you’ve just recently been lured to this look, we’ve put together this handy guide for figuring out how to best integrate jewel tones into your wardrobe.

So, what are jewel tones?

It’s all in the name. As you might expect, jewel tones are the hues, tints, and shades we associate with precious jewels like ruby, emerald, and sapphire. They’re often bright and lively, which makes them an excellent choice for brightening up your look. And thanks to their association with all things luxurious and regal, integrating jewel tones into your eyewear can add a layer of luxurious majesty to any outfit without requiring that you shell out a small fortune for a diamond-studded accessory.

How do I wear them?

Since jewel tones are so colorful, they make a fantastic addition to an otherwise neutral ensemble. This is especially effective in the fall, when we tend to gravitate towards earth tones, and when a pop of color can really enrich an outfit. That said, jewel tones can be worn in any season—if you’re trying to pair them in the spring, maybe opt for lighter colors, like white jeans or cream-colored shirts. If you’re particularly adventurous with your color palette, you can even combine complementary jewel tones to create truly unique looks. Here are just a few to consider:
  • Ruby red and sapphire yellow
  • Topaz blue and emerald green
  • Sapphire blue and amethyst purple
This is why jewel-toned glasses are so great: they’re an easy way to inject color into your wardrobe—plus, depending on which color you choose, they can create a compelling contrast or compliment to your eye color. Here are a few of our favorites, along with some guidance on how to style them:

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Ruby Red:

Few jewel tones are as immediately arresting and provocative as ruby. It’s a color we often link to passion and energy, and these cat eye glasses from McAllister make full use of these associations. They’re large, bold, and powerful—an excellent statement piece. Wear them with earth tones for a bright burst of color around your eyes, or pair them with gold or silver for an especially regal look.
Ruby Jewel Tone glasses Frames by McAllister


Emerald Green

On the other side of the spectrum, we have emerald, a color often used to symbolize cooler sensations like harmony and peace. Thanks to their stabilizing nature, these green glasses from Alexander McQueen are easy to pair with just about any getup. And thanks to their sleek, rectangular design, they’re a great choice for anyone aiming to appear cool, calm, and collected.

Emerald Jewel Tone glasses Frames by Alexander McQueen


Purple Sapphire

For much of human history, purple was the color of royalty. And while you’re less likely to find yourself interacting with kings and queens these days, the color still brings to mind visions of wisdom, confidence, and creativity. If you aren’t afraid to stand out, these slim frames from Converse are an excellent choice. They combine the self-assured elegance of purple sapphire with a thin—and decidedly contemporary—design. Wear them with orange or yellow for a particularly fall-themed look!
Purple Jewel Tone glasses Frames by Converse


Not all that glitters is gold—but no matter which jewel tone you choose, these colors are sure to make an impression. Be sure to check out our full collection, and don’t forget to connect your insurance! VSP members can save up to $220 when they use their benefits.

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