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7 Glasses & Sunglasses Paired with Styles from New York Fashion Week 2018

Posted Sep 20, 2018 | Fashion & Trends

As the world watches, and we scroll through our daily feeds, we’re picking up new trends and planning our fall/winter collections for both our clothes and our favorite accessory, frames. Here are seven glasses and sunglasses paired with the latest trends we’re seeing on the runway.

Karl Lagerfeld KL915 Glasses with Tailored Coats

Gorgeous coats are back for both men and women with Savile Row-inspired tailoring. These coats are show stoppers and perfectly paired with frames that are bold but don’t overpower the beauty of a patterned tailored coat.
Combining the best of both worlds, this eyeglass selection features mixed materials in lightweight metal and rich zyl. The cool, cat-eye frame front reveals fashion-friendly colors, while the metal temples stand out. Accented metal tips complete the look.

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MCM MCM2610A Frames with Tailored Coats

Step out of your usual style with this quirky frame that blends acetate and metal in a retro style that is sure to pair well with your tailored look. Complete with temple accents to carry a chic statement alongside your perfect Savile style.

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MCM MCM2646 with Layered Oversized Outerwear

The oversized, layered look is this winter’s style inspo. Find ways to layer in colors and thick materials to master this statement look. We’ve hand-selected the perfect oversized frames for the occasion.

These oversized, square-shaped frames will tie in the perfect amount of structure with your oversized, layered look. MCM’s frames are beautifully designed with translucent material and feature a half-diamond hinge that perfectly matches the frame color.

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CALVIN KLEIN CK5449 Glasses with American Heartland Style

Designers are bringing in a mix of the all-American vibe with beautifully crafted pieces that embody patchwork, quilting, and crochet. This vintage-inspired P-3 mixes old with new in a Windsor-rim design featuring a plastic inlay on a classic metal frame construction. A pair of these circular frames is the perfect match for your vintage American heritage style.

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McAllister MCE409 Mattie Glasses with American Heartland Style

Founded in 1799, McAllister is an original American eyeglass brand that continues to build on a legacy, but is designed for the modern world. They couldn’t be more perfect for this on-trend look.

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Nike Vaporwing R EV0914 Sunglasses for the X-Girl Look

Transform ‘90s glam power into present-day modern chic with these distinctive sunglasses. Stack your shoulder pads and skinny jeans with an extreme, modern twist that’s on fire this New York Fashion Week.
The Nike Vaporwing sunglasses fuse the newest advances in lens materials with aerodynamic angles. The result is an incredibly streamlined and lightweight design that makes any modern look complete.

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