Seasonal Color Analysis: The Best Eyewear for Autumns

Posted Nov 7, 2023 | Fashion & Trends

Ever found yourself feeling overwhelmed by the abundance of color options in your wardrobe? Finding the perfect arrangement of hues and tones for an outfit can easily become frustrating. Beyond the basic rules, like not mixing brown with black, figuring out which colors work with one another can seem like an esoteric process.

While it’s true that we’re all free to wear whatever colors we like, it’s also true that certain colors look better on some folks than others. This becomes even more complicated when it comes to eyewear, since things like eye and hair color, and skin tone, have an even more direct impact on our choices. It’s enough to make even the most seasoned fashionista throw up their hands and never stray from safe eyewear color choices like black and gray.

But colors don’t have to be complicated! With Seasonal Color Analysis, you can easily identify which colors work best for you and put together a dependable arrangement for any outing. Plus, knowing your “season” might help you realize that you’ve been ignoring a whole range of exciting hues—like our lovely jewel tonesthat you never thought you could pull off!

But what’s Seasonal Color Analysis?

Just like its name suggests, Seasonal Color Analysis is a system that uses an individual’s, eye, hair, and skin color to determine what their “season” is, and by extension, which colors look best on that individual. It further breaks these attributes down into three categories: hue, value, and chroma. Though it was first developed in the 70s, seasonal color analysis has recently exploded back into popularity, with millennials and Gen Z in particular turning to the system to optimize their wardrobes.

How do I know if I’m an autumn?

Like the season itself, autumn’s color palette is composed of exactly the kind of warm, earthy tones you might expect—think sunsets, piles of leaves, and golden fields of corn. If you live in a place with plenty of deciduous trees, just take a walk around the neighborhood in the fall for a quick primer on all the rich colors this season is known for.

But how do you figure out if you’re an autumn? To work that out, we’ll need to consider three things: skin color, hair color, and eye color. For skin color, you’ll want to look out for undertones of bronze or gold. There will also be little contrast with your hair and eyes. An autumn will generally also have brown, black, or red hair, with eyes ranging from dark green to brown.

The best glasses for an Autumn

When shopping for glasses to style with an autumn wardrobe, you’ll want to stick to shades that pair well with the earthy tones referenced above. Dark browns, olive greens, deep burgundies, and shades of cream, rather than pure white, are all good options. Try to stay away from colors that fall on the other side of this spectrum, like bright pinks and blues, or cool pastels. Black should also probably be avoided, since it tends to stand out as too harsh in an autumnal look.

When it comes to pairing autumnal colors, contrast is the name of the game. Eyewear is great for this role, since it’s an accessory. Pair a light green outfit with a darker shade of green eyeglasses for a nice pop in a monochromatic look, or a darker color like burgundy with a warm shade of yellow or even pink. Aim to replicate the natural color combinations you see in the world around you.

Here are a few pairs of eyewear that would work well in an Autumn’s wardrobe.

Converse CV1010

Pink metal Converse glasses
When it comes to wearing metal frames, Autumns should seek out gold, bronze, and brass. Pair these slim golden glasses with analogous shades like orange and green, or deep reds for a subtle, sophisticated look.

Longchamp LO2616

Green longchamp glasses
These glasses from Longchamp come in a shade of light sage that will pair perfectly with an autumn outfit. The gold accents on the hinges and logos will also add an extra burst of color to your look.

Ferragamo SF2950
Red Ferragamo glasses
These big, burgundy frames from Ferragamo are a perfect choice if you’re trying to add a rich contrast to an otherwise neutral look.