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Seasonal Color Analysis: The Best Eyewear for Winters

Posted Jan 25, 2024 | Fashion & Trends

Welcome back to our Seasonal Color Analysis Series. Now that the temperature outside has started to dip below freezing, and the urge to stay indoors with a steaming cup of cocoa intensifies, we turn our attention to the next color palette: the crisp tones of winter. Though winters and autumns both emphasize cooler tones, winter—like the season of its namesake—shifts away from the warmer notes of the fall to sharper, more striking contrasts. Let’s take a look at how you can best utilize winter tones when picking out your winter eyewear.

How do I know if I’m a Winter?

When you think of winter, what do you see? Stark, ivory mountain peaks piercing clear blue skies? Drifts of crystalline snow fractured by blocks of dark shadow? While the winter color palette can be broken out into different categories—from deep winter to clear winter—all of them share the fundamental theme of the season: contrasts.

Winters, then, are naturally dark-haired, with heavy eyebrows and eye colors ranging from hazel and green to brown or very dark brown. Their skin tones tend to be lighter—again, in contrast to their dark hair and eyes—though what matters most is that fundamental contrast between the different elements of their appearance. One easy test is just to consider what looks best on you already. If you find yourself gravitating to striking colors like black and white, or bright reds and blues, you’re likely a winter.

The best glasses for a Winter

When deciding what sort of eyewear to style for winter looks, you’ll want to opt for these same bold colors and contrasts. Seek out crystalline whites, stark blacks, and bright, bold colors. Be sure to factor in all the elements that might affect your overall look: the color of your hair, eyes, and general wardrobe. If you tend to dress in black, for example, it might be best to opt for a pair of grey or white glasses. Or, if your wardrobe leans towards subtler hues like charcoal and silver, you can use your eyewear to insert a pop of bright colors like blue, red, pink, or even lime. Be sure to seek out colors in their brightest, clearest hues. There’s no need for subtlety if you’re styling as a winter!

Cole Haan CH4008

black cole haan glasses
If you want a simple, elegant, no-nonsense pair of eyeglasses, you can’t go wrong with this pair from Cole Haan. Whether you buy them in black, or opt for them in an icey, transparent crystal clear, they’re a great choice for a winter.


Ferragamo SF2950

large red ferragamo glasses
Love the way colors pop against a winter landscape? Then look no further than these red glasses from Ferragamo, whose large, rectangular frames nicely complement their bright, burgundy color.


Nike 7090

slim black nike glasses
Grey goes with everything—which means that if you prize utility above all else in your choice of eyewear, it’s the perfect color for you. These modern, stylish glasses from Nike will make a perfect addition to any outfit.