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bebe Eyewear Features the Chic, Sophisticated Style That Built the Brand

Posted Jan 15, 2019 | Fashion & Trends

bebe has long been a household name in women’s fashion. The brand’s take on sexy, contemporary clothing remains relevant decades after founder Manny Mashouf opened his San Francisco boutique in 1976. Since then, bebe has expanded its offerings into almost every area of women’s fashion, including eyewear.

bebe glasses and sunglasses stay true to the brand’s roots, with a chic sophistication that fits effortlessly into many women’s wardrobes. We’ve spent some time with the eyewear collection and are happy to share three of our favorite bebe frames below:

1. bebe BB5126 Glasses

These modified rectangle frames feature transparent temples adorned with the bebe logo. Simple and elegant, the BB5126 glasses have a subtle edge that we love.

bebe BB5126 Glasses

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1. bebe BB145 Glasses

We like the floral patterns on these frames (there are three swatches to choose from). The narrow rectangle shape is modern while the coloring softens them a bit, creating a pair of glasses in perfect balance.

bebe BB5145 Glasses

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3. bebe BB5075 Glasses

Geek-chic is in, and these bebe frames deliver! The clean silhouette and pyramid studs around the temple logo are distinctive without being gaudy. An on-trend design like the BB5075 shows why bebe is an enduring name in women’s fashion.

bebe BB5075 Glasses

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Like what you see? Head over to our bebe Eyewear page to shop 100+ frames from this storied designer.