New Frames this Spring: Training Sunglasses for Baseball

Posted Mar 3, 2020 | Fashion & Trends

The time is coming for baseball games—and more importantly, stadium popcorn. Whether you’re more excited for baseball batters or for corn dog batter, it’s important to know the best frames to protect your eyes on or off the field.

Keep reading to learn how to hit a homerun with the best sunglasses for baseball.

What sunglasses are best for baseball?

Baseball sunglasses fit differently than your average everyday frames. These need to fit like a baseball glove—but for your face. There are two pro tips to use when shopping for the right pair of baseball sunglasses:
  • Look for a pair that is compatible with a sunglasses strap. A strap can help keep them safe while running the bases or throwing in a ball from the outfield.
  • Consider the weight of your frame. A lighter frame will always lead to a more comfortable fit and not impede with your game. The right pair can help you forget that you even have sunglasses on at all.

What color lens is best for baseball sunglasses?

On the fence about what color lens to get? Let’s talk about the benefits of each.
  • Yellow/orange lenses are light enough in color to not darken your vision of the field while still blocking harmful UV rays.
  • Copper/brown/amber lenses are popular because they work well on cloudy days. They will help you distinguish between the ball and the sky.
  • Green lenses are one of the best options for sunny days. Just like the yellow lenses, they are light enough to keep your vision sharp while providing UV protection.
  • Red/blue lenses get points for looking cool and blocking UV rays!
  • Mirrored lenses are a stylistic choice and should not impact your vision.
  • Grey lenses can reduce brightness without altering the colors you see. These are great for games that are less sunny.
  • Clear lenses are most commonly used for eye protection during baseball games at night.

Are polarized sunglasses good for baseball?

Yes and no! This is typically up to personal preference. Polarized lenses are great for added protection, but polarization could also impact depth perception on the field.

Check out these diamonds! Our favorite baseball shades.

Get it? Diamond? Like the field (sorry, corny baseball reference). Can you strikeout for having bad jokes? Either way, let us pitch you our top picks for baseball eyewear.

Nike Hyperforce R EV1029 Sunglasses
These Nike sunglasses fall under the amber category with some orange and yellow hues. These are designed for clarity and precise vision, which means getting through innings like it’s nobody’s business.

Nike Hyperforce R EV1029 baseball sunglasses


Nike 7071-2 Glasses
Throwing you a curveball… these are Nike glasses. Bet you didn’t see that one coming (but you will while wearing these). Get some prescription glasses and cover all your bases. Even better, get them with SunSync® light-reactive lenses and you’re good to go!

Nike 7071-2 baseball glasses


Nike Dash EV1157 Kid's Sunglasses
We can’t forget about the little league! These kid’s Nike sunglasses feature multi-colored mirrored lenses that will always be a catch. Walk out of the dugout looking fly while protecting your eyes. Even better? These come in multiple colors.

Nike Dash EV1157 kid’s baseball sunglasses


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