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5 Best Glasses for Round Faces

Posted Aug 7, 2018 | Fashion & Trends

Face shape is an important factor to consider when shopping for new glasses. Frames that contrast with the shape of your face tend to look best, while those that match it may accentuate the shape. If you have a round face, rectangle-frame glasses are usually a safe bet. Here are five of our favorite men’s and women’s eyeglasses perfect for people with round faces:

1. Nike 7233 Glasses for Men

These sporty rectangle-frame glasses feature an etched, enamel-filled Nike logo on the temples. Nike has managed to add a lot of personality to a fairly simple frame design – one of the reasons these glasses are among our favorites for men with round faces.

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2. CALVIN KLEIN CK8066 Women’s Glasses

We’re digging the vintage callbacks in this CALVIN KLEIN frame: a cat-eye shape and tortoise shell detailing on the temples set them apart. If you’re in the market for new glasses, these deserve your attention.


3. CALVIN KLIEN CK18511 Men’s Glasses

If rectangle frames aren’t your thing, these glasses provide some subtle curves that will still look good on round faces. The tortoise shell pattern is a nice touch, and part of the reason the frames made it onto our list.


4. Cole Haan CH5005 Glasses for Women

The solid acetate frame material creates a sleek, futuristic look unlike any other pair of glasses on our list. The rectangular lenses bring a sharp contrast for people with round face shapes.

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5. Salvatore Ferragamo SF2772 Men’s Glasses

It should come as no surprise to find a Ferragamo frame on our list. We love the elegance and detail here (complete with the Doppio Gancino logo on both temples).

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