Kilter Glasses for Kids: Schoolyard-Chic Eyewear at a Stylish Price

Kilter Glasses: Schoolyard-Chic Frames for Kids

Posted Aug 10, 2017 | Fashion & Trends

Yep, it’s that time of year. Sharpen your pencils and take notes, because today’s lesson plan consists of a very important back-to-school brand: Kilter.

Kilter is changing the way children experience eyewear, and for kids, it’s all about the experience. We all know that children are fun, colorful, and adventurous. So, why shouldn’t their glasses reflect their blooming, youthful personalities and preferences?

While parents are fun, too, they’re also a little more practical. You want to keep your little ones happy, but can’t afford to drop hundreds on a cool pair of glasses. The good news is that a pair of prescription Kilter glasses starts at less than $120 (yep—we were just as shocked as you are). Connect your vision benefits and you could save more at checkout.

Another thing you look for in eyewear is durability and comfort, which can be hard to come by. Children don’t necessarily consider these things when picking out glasses, and tend to gravitate toward the prettier, more colorful, and fresh frames. Kilter eyewear ensures that the needs of both child and parent are met.

Made with quality materials, Kilter frames are built for the sporty and active lifestyle, with durability that can withstand hitting the books and hitting the playground. Kilter uses quality materials to make their frames, and metal and spring hinges provide the flexibility suited for even the busiest child.

Trendy frames ensure the perfect fit for an array of young face shapes, and the cool designs and pops of rich color are what get kids excited about picking out and wearing their glasses. Schedule your child’s back-to-school eye exam by searching through our network of over 40,000 doctors, then shop our display of Kilter eyewear.

Besides the gift of clear vision, we have another present for you! With any Kilter frame purchase, we will include an eco-friendly thermal lunch bag and a 3-pack of pencils, while supplies last.

Shop Kilter eyewear and claim your free gifts today! (While supplies last)