How to Find the Best Eyewear for Dad this Father’s Day

Posted Jun 16, 2023 | Fashion & Trends

Shopping for dads can be a difficult task. After all: how many yard tools, novelty coffee mugs, sports memorabilia, and outdoor camping gear/supplies can one dad really need? If you have a dad in your life who’s particularly difficult to shop for (we’re looking at you, Mr. “I don’t want anything”) you may just have found yourself throwing up your hands and clicking “buy” on yet another new grilling accessory (never mind that he still hasn’t used the one you got him last year.)

But have you ever considered getting Dad a new pair of glasses? We know, we know—it’s hardly the most exciting suggestion. But before you start googling “best affordable golf clubs,” just hear us out: every dad can benefit from a pair of glasses. They’ll protect his eyes from the sun, refresh his style (and who doesn’t know a dad that could benefit from a style upgrade?), and help him see better in his day-to-day life. What dad doesn’t like a practical gift?

But how does one go about picking eyewear for a dad? The first thing you might want to consider is his lifestyle: does he prefer to spend his Sundays toiling in the backyard, or lounging in the living room with a good book? Does he need a sturdy pair of glasses strong enough to keep up with his active lifestyle, or does he prioritize style above all things in his accessories? No matter what type of dad you’re shopping for, Eyeconic has a style to suit his needs:

Nike Skylon Ace 22

Nike Skylon Ace 22 glasses for sporty dads
These suns are the perfect fit for the sporty dads in your life. With their sleek blue design and sturdy, lightweight frames, they’re the optimal choice for someone who likes to head outdoors at the first sign of sunshine.



Classic metallic Ray-Ban aviators
A little classic style can go a long way. If you know a dad who isn’t afraid to sling out his air guitar and belt the lines of his favorite hard rock classic at a moment’s notice, you can’t go wrong with these metallic aviators from Ray-Ban.



 Gucci glasses with bold black aviator frame
If Dad prefers the more luxurious things in life, there’s also these glasses from Gucci. They take the timeless aviator style and amp it up with thick, bold black frames.

SHOP Gucci GG0767S

Nike 7305

Nike tortoise or ironstone glasses, perfect for the stylish dad
If you have one of those rare dads who’s only gotten more stylish with age, he’ll love these unique glasses from Nike. Grab them in Tortoise or Ironstone for an elegant splash of color that will power up any outfit.


Ray-Ban RX5154

Ray-Ban's rockabilly-inspired RX5154 glasses, ideal for the scholarly dad
Is the dad in your life partial to big, beefy civil war biographies, or weekend trips to the opera? Does he have a penchant for quoting Socrates or opining on his favorite poetry collections? If your dad likes all things cultured and scholarly, he’ll love these rockabilly-inspired glasses from Ray-Ban.

SHOP Ray-Ban RX5154

Eyeconic has eyewear for any kind of dad. Shop our full collection of eyewear for men, and find the perfect Father’s Day gift for any dad in your life. And don’t forget to connect your benefits: VSP members get 20% off eyewear.

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