Favorite Kilter Glasses for Kids

Our Favorite Kilter Glasses for Kids

Posted Jul 23, 2020 | Fashion & Trends

Back to school is nearing if not already started depending on your district’s new (very unnormal) normal. As parents we find ourselves swirling in how we can do the best by our children and survive this next semester of our new roles as caregiver, provider, teacher, principal, and recess monitor. If we can take one thing off your plate, it’s helping find the right pair of glasses for your pupil/child. Kilter is a customer favorite based on its fashion-forward style, fit, and lasting quality. We also offer an additional lens coating, TechShield Blue, that reduces blue light exposure and helps combat digital eye strain.

Keep reading to find out what parents love about Kilter glasses!

Kilter K5013 Glasses

These frames are the perfect complement to any age and the character that comes with it. Find a sweet pink, sassy purple, or calm and collected blue for your student.
Kilter K5013 glasses


Kilter K4504 Glasses

Any young future fashion guru or CEO will look sharp in these keyhole-cut kids frames featuring an ombre fade to this year’s most popular shade of clear. Shop with your little one to find a favorite combo of black, brown, or blue together.

Kilter K4504 glasses


Kilter K4014 Glasses

We’re loving the rectangular shape of these K4014 glasses for kids. These classic-shaped frames have the additional fun of bright colors worked in throughout the arms. They’re the perfect combo of straight-A student in the front and party in the back.

Kilter K4014 glasses

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Distance Learning & Blue Light Glasses for Kids

Blue light-reducing lens coatings help combat digital eye strain and improve the daily comfort of your eyes. Learning is evolving and relying heavily on screens. As our children now find themselves in Zoom meetings, reading PowerPoints, and logging on to learn, their level of blue light exposure is increasing. Applying a blue light-reducing coating like TechShield Blue to your child’s glasses can help them better adapt to higher screen times and increased exposure. The most common question we hear is, “Can you wear blue light glasses all the time?” The answer is “yes!” Other perks of TechShield Blue are that it improves daily visual comfort, optimizes visual performance, enhances appearance, protects against UV rays, and resists scratching and smudging to help extend the life of your lenses.