Top 5 Designer Sunglasses Brands for Men

Top 5 Designer Sunglasses Brands for Men

Posted Feb 26, 2019 | Fashion & Trends

Men with an appreciation for the finer things won’t have to look far to find a great pair of designer sunglasses. Many eyewear brands tailor to men looking for a bit of luxury to complement their UV-blocking lenses.

The team at Eyeconic is passionate about sunglasses and fashion, and we wanted to take some time to help the discerning gentleman find the right shades. But where to start? Here’s a list of our five favorite designer sunglasses brands for men:

1. Ray-Ban

For a lot of men, Ray-Ban sunglasses are forever linked to the movie Top Gun, where fighter pilots sported aviators when they weren’t busy chasing down Russian MiGs. In fact, the brand has contributed several popular designs, including the Wayfarer and Clubmaster frames. The variation in styles means that there’s almost certainly a pair of Ray-Ban designer sunglasses out there for you—even if you’ve never catapulted off an aircraft carrier.

Shown: Ray-Ban RB3561 The General Sunglasses

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2. Gucci

Looking for a pair of men’s designer sunglasses steeped in luxury and heritage? Try Gucci on for size. This storied Italian brand sits in a league of its own and is a favorite of celebrities and trendsetters. While most Gucci sunglasses are going to set you back a pretty penny, can you really put a price on looking so good

Shown: Gucci GG0241S Sunglasses

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3. Persol

Recognized for their always elegant, never gaudy designs, Persol sunglasses are a favorite of men around the world. These Italian-made shades feature subtle flourishes, such as “The Arrow” that can be found on the temples. Meant to evoke the sword of an ancient warrior, it’s now a hallmark of quality and good taste.

Shown: Persol PO3184S Sunglasses

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4. Saint Laurent

The French are no strangers to high fashion, and Saint Laurent has been a mainstay in luxury living for decades. The same bold choices that made the brand a household name can be found in their men’s designer sunglasses. Innovative lens shapes and color schemes define the line, but more traditional looks are also available. After all, variety is the spice of life.

Shown: Saint Laurent SL 1 T Sunglasses

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5. Maui Jim

Moving from the streets of Paris to the shores of the South Pacific, we finish our list of men’s designer sunglasses brands with Maui Jim. Inspired by island life, you’ll find sleek frame designs and brightly colored lenses perfect for protecting your eyes while enjoying a beautiful sunset. Maui Jim sunglasses are the perfect choice for men who want designer shades that leave stuffiness back on the mainland.

Shown: Maui Jim Haleiwa Sunglasses

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How to Find the Best Men's Designer Sunglasses Online

It’s no secret: designer sunglasses tend to cost more than your standard shades. At Eyeconic, we want you to shop with confidence. You can preview how you’ll look in many sunglasses by using our Virtual Try-On tool. We also offer free shipping and returns because it’s important that you love what you wear.

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