Trendy Glasses for 2022: Cat-Eye, Oversized & Pastel Frames

Posted Mar 17, 2022 | Fashion & Trends

There’s nothing better than seeing – and looking – your best. Fortunately, this year’s frame trends are more stylish than ever, sure to secure everyone a space on the red carpet, paired with vision that won’t let you miss a moment.

OK, what frames are the ones to watch?

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Cat-Eye Glasses: You’re on the prowl. Or just feeling catty.

Cat-eye glasses have been chic since forever, but this year’s style has a softer, more down-to-earth edge that is equal parts fashion plate and cool, top boss.


Shop Cat-Eye Glasses Shop BB5202

Oversized Frames: You can’t help but make a statement in these glasses.

You aren’t one to remain unnoticed and in these oversized glasses your vibe will announce you before you arrive.


Shop Oversized glasses Shop Nike7305

Pastel Eyewear: Candy colored, sweet treats for the eyes times two.

Good for your eyes, good for your Insta. Everything is simply more delicious with these pastel frames on.


Shop Pastel glasses Shop DR2025

Go on, get your trend on today.

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