3 Crazy Eye Tricks: Weird Things People Do with Their Eyes

3 Crazy Eye Tricks We’ve Seen

Posted Aug 29, 2017 | For Your Entertainment

Our eyes are really amazing! Aside from helping us see, they’re impressive organs. They are composed of over 2 million working parts and are a vital part of our nervous system.

Apparently, that’s just not enough for some people. As a result of experimentation, people have discovered some really weird “tricks” (if you will) that they can do with their eyes:

  1. The most basic eye trick is the simple cross-eye. Most of us have seen someone get a laugh by focusing their gaze on the tip of their nose. Contrary to what your parents may have told you, your eyes can’t get stuck that way. However, it’s still not a particularly good look, so they were spot-on in urging restraint.
  2. People who flip their eyelids inside out…why?! The inside of your eyelid isn’t meant to be seen, and coming from a health standpoint, you run a big risk for infection. Plus, it’s just gross. 
  3. This is a lot less common (thank goodness), but some people can “pop” their eyes out of their head. Yes, we are serious, and seriously grossed out. Apparently, there’s even a world record for this ocular achievement. The world record for eye “popping” is just under ½ inch. Doesn’t sound like much, but think about it. 

How does this work? Bulging eyes can be a sign of serious health problems, but some people are able to “pop” their eyes at will. This may be due to the shapes of their faces, including shallow eye sockets

If there’s one thing to take away from this info, it’s that people can do some seriously weird stuff with their eyes. We don’t recommend trying the last two at home (or anywhere for that matter) because they can result in serious eye injury. However, there are useful eye exercises worth checking out.

If you suspect your eyes are behaving a bit abnormally, be sure to find an eye doctor and set up an appointment.