Fun Halloween Costumes for Glasses Wearers

Fun Halloween Costumes for Glasses Wearers

Posted Oct 26, 2020 | For Your Entertainment

Looking for a Halloween costume that isn’t going to exclude your favorite pair of glasses? Check out the costumes our Eyeconic team put together that have them dressed up with glasses in tow. After all, glasses are our favorite accessory and Halloween is our favorite holiday, so we’ll do anything to keep them together.

#1 Wear Your Glasses with Any Costume

Who’s to say Dracula didn’t have myopia? If you wear glasses and you want to be anything from a witch to a dinosaur, don’t let anything stop you from rocking your specs. We dig them.


#2 Man of Steel Eyeglasses

If you’re a tiny hero and you’re looking for glasses that will fit your October 31st outfit, but also keep you feeling superhuman the rest of the year, check out these one-of-a- kind kid’s glasses by Nike.


#3 Harry Potter Costume Glasses 

Have some rounded edges to your everyday glasses? Or maybe you’re looking for a pair that you can take from the office to Cosplay? Either way, we love the classic look of these Calvin Klein glasses if you’re in the market.



#4 Napoleon Dynamite Glasses
I think we can all agree that Napoleon was ahead of his time when it comes to his optical style. While we all love an aviator frame, this staple style can fit a costume on a Saturday and keep you looking sharp on a Monday. As much as we’d like to say tots included… unfortunately they are sold separately.

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As always stay safe this spooky season and have fun transforming into your favorite characters. If you’re looking for more inspiration from some of our favorite frames, check out our staff picks page.

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