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Volunteer Day: Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services

Posted Sep 28, 2017 | Inside Eyeconic

Volunteer Day: Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services

It’s pretty amazing how great it can feel to do good for others in our community (and the world, for that matter).

Recently, we got the Eyeconic squad together for a volunteer day at the Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services (SFBFS). Our goal: Help fill up their empty showroom with clothes so clients could easy select the items they need most.

This was no easy feat. We broke down our crew to focus on different areas in need. One group of people matched nearly a thousand shoes with their match. Another group went through two pallets of clothes. They opened bags and hung up the donated clothing on racks.

Pro tip: When you donate shoes to your favorite charity, make sure they are tied together or bound in some way. Otherwise, your favorite charity might have to play the matching game just like we did! smiley

We were certainly put to work that day, but we had a great time getting to know the staff (and each other) better.

It felt wonderful to see the showroom populate with both clothes and people perusing and finding their perfect style match. We also gave the Family Services Director vouchers for over 20 free eye exams for clients of SFBFS—gotta keep those eyes beautiful and healthy.

We chatted with a few team members to ask them how volunteering made them feel. Check it out:

  • “I had a wonderful time giving back at the Sacramento Food Bank. It was an honor to serve my community and experience how well-run the organization is.” -- Emily Mancini, Director of Category Managment & Merchandising
  • “It was a very eye opening experience.  Feels great to give back and know you are contributing to a worthy cause.” -- Mylene Mac, Customer Support
  • “I loved getting a chance to step outside the office and work as a team to help our community. Nothing quite like it.” -- Tessa Szymkiewicz, Demand Gen Specialist

Are you volunteering in your community? If so, tell us about it below. We’d love to hear your stories of doing good and passing on the love in your community.