We Surprised Our Moms with the Perfect Sunglasses for Mother’s Day

Posted May 8, 2019 | Inside Eyeconic

Choosing the perfect gift for Mother’s Day isn’t always easy, so this year we decided to help and gift some of our Eyeconic Moms with a pair of sunglasses. Employees searched through our inventory to find not just any pair of sunglasses, but instead a pair that represents all the reasons they love and admire the most important women in their lives.

We spent hours searching and reflecting on all the unique qualities that make our moms who they are, and ultimately shaped us into being who we are. Unbeknownst to us, the real gift was taking the time to sit down with our moms and share all the reasons we admire them. Watch the video above to see what they thought of our picks!

Here are the frames we chose:

CALVIN KLEIN CK3208S SunGlasses 

Ashley J. & Sarah both chose these CALVIN KLEIN sunglasses for their moms for their classic style and fun personalities.

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CHLOÉ CE142S Sunglasses

Ashley W. went with a Chloé sun that’s bold, fabulous, and everything that reminds her of her mom.

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Emily picked out these Ferragamos because they’re fabulous, just like her momma.

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BEBE BB7137 Cat-Eye sunglasses

Sterling went with a pair that embodied all the chicness of his Mom.

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Do you think your mom might appreciate a new pair of shades? Browse our women’s sunglasses to find the perfect gift.

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