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Need a Vision Plan? Check out VSP® Vision Care

Posted Apr 18, 2022 | Tips, Tricks & Tech

Retired, between jobs, or have your own business? If you don’t have vision insurance through your employer, you may want to consider purchasing an individual vision insurance plan to save on eyecare, eyewear, and contacts. VSP® Vision Care offers plans that give you peace of mind, as well as support you in keeping your sight strong.


​​​​What are the benefits of VSP® Vision Care plan?

With thousands of in-network optometrists and ophthalmologists located all over the U.S., VSP members enjoy easy access to quality vision care. We know vision costs can add up. Lower your out-of-pocket expenses on eye exams, glasses and lens enhancements.

Who takes VSP® Vision Care?

VSP has the nation’s largest network of independent doctors so you’re sure to find a provider who accepts VSP® Vision Care. Find a VSP Doctor now. Eyeconic makes it super easy to connect your VSP Vision Care plan to an Eyeconic account so you can take care of all your eyeglass, sunglass, and contact lense needs online.
Read more on how to use your VSP® benefits on Eyeconic.

What are my plan options?

Plans start at just $13 a month and are personalized for what you need and want most. Plus, you get access to one of the largest network of eye doctors. 
There are no open enrollment or waiting periods so you can enroll at any time and use your benefits at a retail location or online.

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