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5 Ways Glasses Ruin Your Workout & What to Do About It

Posted Jun 21, 2018 | Tips, Tricks & Tech

Exercise is great for you. And thanks to gyms, online fitness programs, and the great outdoors, it’s easier than ever to get the exercise your body needs. But if you’re a glasses-wearer, it can be a little more complicated. With fogged up glasses, slippery noses, and squinty eyes, it’s tough to be active and visually impaired!

Keep reading for the five things you’ll relate to if you’ve ever worn glasses while working out:

1. The Fog. Ever get your heart rate up and find yourself lying flat for a set of chest reps or a much-needed stretch? Cue the fogged lenses and the temporary white-out. Let’s just hope this isn’t finally the time your gym crush looks over to see if you need a spotter.

2. The High-intensity Nose Bounce. High knees mean high-bouncing nose bridges and a shaky version of 20/20. If we’re lucky, they’ll stay on our faces by the time we’ve hit that 1-minute mark. Let’s not even mention the treacherous feat of the mountain climber when small prayers are sent out of the fear of scratched lenses past.

3. Inside vs. Outside. Out of focus or blinded by the light, which is worse? We’re still not sure, but both are dangerous. If you haven’t treated yourself to a pair of prescription suns, stop reading now and do yourself a favor. 

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4. The Slippery Slope. As soon as you really start feeling the burn you know what comes next: the sweaty and slippery slope that becomes your nose. Nothing could be more annoying than the index finger push-up while you’re trying to keep your reps tight.

5. Plank Drips. So, you’ve killed your workout and you’re easing into that cooldown. What better than a plank to get your core together and lower your heartrate? I mean, if you’re going to multitask, you might as well get some abs out of it. The only problem? The downpour of sweat that now calls your lenses home. Cute, right?

What Makes for the Perfect Pair of Sports Glasses?

From one glasses-lover to another, let me tell you how to avoid the most annoying aspects of working out with glasses.

To avoid fogging and moisture look for temples with openings for airflow. This will let any heat and moisture escape.  

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Lock down your frames and protect your face from high-intensity bouncing and the slippery nose slope with adjustable pads and perfect fits. Luckily, every Eyeconic frame purchase comes with a free frame adjustment.

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