How to use fsa and has accounts

How to Use Your FSA or HSA Dollars on Prescription Eyewear

Posted Nov 20, 2018 | Tips, Tricks & Tech

The end of the year is near, and the pressure to use what’s left of your flexible spending account is rising. Instead of stocking up on sunscreen and first aid kits this year, let us guide you towards an online eyewear shopping spree for your “New Year, New Me” vibes. Not sure how to use your FSA or its cousin, the health savings account (HSA)? Let’s clear up a few facts before we dive into your facial fashion hopes and dreams.

What is my FSA and how can I use it on Eyeconic?

FSA stands for flexible spending account, and it’s sometimes referred to as a flexible spending arrangement. This is a special account you’re able to put money into (pre-tax) for your out-of-pocket health care costs. These costs might be copays, deductibles, some medications, and other health care costs.

-cough- glasses and sunglasses -cough-

At the end of the year, or your grace period, you lose the amount left in your account, so it’s important to make good use of it. Because prescription glasses are considered a medical device, you can spend your FSA on Eyeconic! Some FSA and HSA plans have different regulations around sunglasses. Be sure to check with your HR team before purchasing anything that might not be covered with your plan.

What about my HSA fund?

HSA stands for health savings account and follows most of the same rules as an FSA with the exception that any amount left in your HSA rolls over into the next year. No rush to spend it… but also more time to shop leisurely for your next pair of frames!

How do I use my FSA or HSA on glasses and sunglasses?

It’s easy to spend your FSA and HSA dollars on qualifying purchases at Eyeconic. All you have to do is use your benefit card like a standard credit card at checkout.

Eyeconic has prescription glasses and sunglasses from major brands at every price range. That means both the “accident prone” who may be working with a low FSA balance and the “Knock on wood, I’ve never broken a bone” customers can find something they love.

To help you make a decision, here are four of our favorite eyewear brands:

McAllister Eyewear, Starting at $71

Established in 1799, McAllister is the original American eyeglasses brand. Built on a legacy, designed for the modern world.

McAllister Eyewear

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MCM Eyewear, Starting at $113

MCM (Modern Creation Munich) presents a new eyewear collection that combines timeless luxury with a contemporary and fresh design.

MCM eyewear

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Nike Eyewear, Ranging From $119 - $396

The Nike eyewear collection combines the science of vision with an expertise in sport to make superior optics and eyewear for athletes.

Nike sunglasses

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CALVIN KLEIN Eyewear, Ranging From $99 - $425

CALVIN KLEIN eyewear incorporates innovative design details in fashion-forward styles and bold colorations appealing to urban, creative and independent individuals.