What is a Lens Enhancement?

Posted Nov 26, 2019 | Tips, Tricks & Tech

Many people spend a lot of time comparing frames when buying new glasses or sunglasses, but there are options when it comes to lenses, too. Eyeconic offers a range of lens enhancements to suit different lifestyles and needs. While this may seem like an afterthought once you’ve fallen in love with frames, your lenses are going to do most of the heavy lifting when it comes to vision quality. Keep reading to learn more about lens enhancements.

Types of Lens Enhancements

There are three lens enhancements you can add at checkout when you shop at Eyeconic:

Anti-reflective coating: AR coatings cut down on glare and are popular with people who do a lot of night driving. Clearer night vision can even prevent eye strain for a more pleasant drive.

Blue-light reduction: Designed primarily for people who spend a lot of time staring at screens (read: most of us), blue-light lenses defend against digital eye strain by filtering, absorbing, or reflecting blue wavelengths of light.

Light-reactive lenses: Using photochromic technology, these lenses darken in natural light to protect your eyes from UV rays. They become clear indoors, so you don’t have to switch from sunglasses to regular specs.

Do Lens Enhancements Cost More Money?

Yes, adding a lens enhancement to your new glasses or sunglasses increases the price. Whether or not it’s worth paying a bit more depends on how much you’d appreciate the feature. Think about your current pair of glasses. Do you notice annoying glare or suffer from eye fatigue? If so, it may be worth investing in a lens enhancement for your own comfort.

How Do I Choose a Lens Enhancement?

You’ll be given the option to add lens enhancements to your order during checkout. It really is that easy.