My Eyeconic Experience: Finding the Perfect Glasses & Contacts Online

My Dog Ate My Glasses. Eyeconic Came to the Rescue.

Posted Jun 24, 2017 | Tips, Tricks & Tech

My dog Oscar has done some dastardly things – burrowed a hole in my shag carpet, eaten the straps off many a tank top…but coming home to my favorite pair of glasses completely chewed up takes the cake. 

I wear contacts 90% of the time, but I like accenting certain outfits with the perfect pair of spectacles (well, with that one pair because that was the only one I had!), and wearing them around the house on lazy weekend mornings. I was legitimately bummed to be out a pair of glasses, and annoyed that I would have to go through the process of getting a new pair.

Luckily, I have VSP insurance through my job, and had been meaning to schedule an eye exam for a while since I was due for some new contacts, as well. Navigating Eyeconic’s website was so easy. I especially loved that I could find an eye doctor by filtering by location, office or doctor name. I narrowed it down to Eyes on J, an optometry office I’d passed a million times since it was practically next door to my ballet barre class. Get my thighs and eyes in shape in one outing? Gotta love that convenience factor.

Visiting the Eye Doctor

Dr. Swanson and her staff were all super friendly, and swiftly ushered me along the process on my lunch hour. After performing all the standard eye health tests and testing my vision, Dr. Swanson gave me a pair of contacts with a new prescription to test out.

Well, apparently my eyes were playing tricks on me on the day of my test because once I tried them out in the real world, my computer screen seemed oddly out of focus. Squinting when you’re already super close to the screen is not a good look.

I went back within a few days and knocked out the old “C E F C Z” test once more. It was clear that Dr. Swanson wanted to ensure I went home with the right prescription and educated me on how she was testing my eyes, which had two different strengths. This time, the contacts were perfect!

That was when I found out about the huge bonus – at least for me – which was that I would be walking home with a year’s supply of contacts! Usually I only get six months’ worth. Decreasing errands is always a huge plus, amiright?

Finding the Perfect Pair of Glasses

Now, with a year’s worth of fresh contacts and an updated prescription, it was time to pick out a new pair of glasses. Once again using Eyeconic’s laser-focused filter settings, I narrowed down the selection to exactly what I wanted – a round pair in a neutral color. I landed on a pair of Stella McCartneys and sprung for the fancy upgrade – the platinum package and TechShield Blue lens enhancement. They even have a page where you can learn about all the lens options for yourself.

The best part about ordering through Eyeconic, for me, was that I used my vision insurance benefits in-network. As a longtime wearer of contacts and glasses, I’ve tried a few online providers, but syncing-up the prescription was always such a hassle. When it came time to provide my prescription on the Eyeconic website, it offered to contact my optometrist for me. This is ground breaking for little lazy old me. With one click, my optometrist was contacted, and all I had to do was track the progress via email.

I received one message that told me my prescription had been validated, and another that alerted me my glasses were on their way! That was it. Within days, I had a fresh pair of specs that fit perfectly (didn’t crush my eyelashes, yay!). Had they not fit perfectly, though, my optometrist would’ve adjusted them for free – another benefit of ordering through Eyeconic.

With my snazzy new Stellas, I’m wearing my glasses out of the house way more often, and especially love wearing them to work. My colleague who sits across from me noted that, even though he knew the notion was ridiculous, he couldn’t help but think I looked smarter while wearing them. Funny how that stereotype is alive and well.

Here I’m wearing them with a biz cazsh outfit – a silk top, shorts and ankle boots. Tossing the glasses in the mix adds some polish, which is always needed whenever you’re wearing shorts to the office. Although my new glasses look pretty cute on me, I think they look best on a tall, tall shelf, far out of reach of my dog.

Vanessa Labi blogs about fashion & style at Her dog also contributed to this post.

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Dog Picture - Susan Yee
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