How to Stop My Glasses from Fogging Up While Wearing a Face Mask

Posted May 12, 2020 | Tips, Tricks & Tech

While we all try to navigate these times, in some regions wearing a face mask has become required for trips to the grocery store or while out in public. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently recommended all Americans to wear a cloth face covering while in public to help slow the spread of COVID-19.

For those who wear glasses, we’ve compiled a few simple steps to help avoid fogging up your glasses while wearing a mask or other protective gear recommended by the CDC and state and local health departments.

Make sure your mask is securely fitted to your face.

When air escapes from inside your mask, which causes condensation, your glasses tend to fog up more. Depending on the weather, you may notice it more in colder temperatures. If you’re making your own mask at home and can get ahold of a pipe cleaner, adding a piece to the top of your mask may help your mask form to your face better.

Try washing your glasses in soapy water.

According to an article written by Ann R. Coll, a British surgeon, washing your glasses with soapy water right before wearing them and shaking off the remaining soap and water can help with fog. Afterward, allow the glasses to air dry or gently wipe with a dry soft cotton or microfiber cloth. This should help eliminate any fog you may have while wearing a face mask.

Please note that this trick will depend on the type of coatings on your lenses and other exterior factors such as: where the glasses are positioned on your face, what type of mask you are wearing, and what the ambient temperature is around you. In addition to soapy water, the lenses and coatings on glasses you receive from Eyeconic should be compatible with most anti-fog, spray or wipes. Learn more here.

Adjust the fit of your mask and glasses.

While you want to avoid touching your face at this time as much as possible in accordance with CDC and public health officials’ recommendations, with clean hands, adjust your glasses forward. You want to make sure your mask is mainly covering your nose and mouth, but you can also adjust to have your mask sit a little lower. Just remember, if you have a higher prescription, this may not work because it could possibly affect your vision.

Want to learn more about steps you can take to help sanitize your glasses to avoid the spread of COVID-19?  Check out guidance from The Vision Council, a non-profit optical industry trade association: