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10 Best Finds on Affordable Brands with a Plenty of Style

Posted Sep 17, 2019 | Fashion & Trends

Sometimes looking for the best deals on glasses feels like it takes forever. But it doesn’t have to! We rounded up some of our favorite brands: Lacoste, DKNY, Nike, and more. Even better—these options are all under $150, lenses included! Save even more by connecting your vision insurance.

Keep reading to learn about some style steals from other popular brands! Need some new glasses for the kids too? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

1. Lacoste

Loving Lacoste! This eyewear brand reps sporty vibes and everyday wear. These Lacoste L2846 glasses are a lucky find at $149 and come in four colors: grey transparent, green, blue, and nude transparent.

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2. DKNY 

DKNY is always stepping up their game (just ask their designers!) and we are here for it. Not only this, but they’re constantly on-trend without the huge price tag. Check out these four DKNY frames, all under $150: DK1002, DK7000, DK7001 and DK1004.

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3. McAllister

If you haven’t met Clara yet, you need to! These McAllister frames are not only an office favorite, they’re also just $96 with lenses included!

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4. Nike

A well-known brand like Nike is bound to have great finds! Nike glasses are a sporty and stylish staple in anyone’s eyewear wardrobe. Just look at all the options you have to choose from—these are only a few: Nike Revere M EV1156, Nike 5019, Essential Horizon EV1118, and Nike 5020.

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5. Oakley

Oakley is right on trend and on price with this pair of Oakley OX8131 glasses at $144. They come in black, clear, and brown tortoise; we can’t pick a favorite! These are a lucky find—should we mention again that you can save even more with your vision insurance? Well we just did...and you still can!

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6. Nine West

Nine West gets their eyewear inspiration from their shoe and accessory lines, meaning that their style goes further than just their spectacles. Check out these choice picks: NW5154, NW1086, NW5155, and NW5165.

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7. Altair

Altair serves amazing looks without you having to serve up big dollar bills. We picked these blonde tortoise glasses to showcase the current tortoise trend but with unique transparent detailing. Not to mention these are only $139!

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8. Nautica

Nautica is a great brand for style and price ($75!). We are loving these N3643SP sunglasses for their unique greenish-blue lenses and classy detailing.

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9. Marchon NYC

Clear glasses may seem invisible, but they still have style requirements. The clear frames trend has taken fashion to a whole new level! These Marchon NYC M-3500 glasses fit the mold.

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10. Kilter (Kids)

We didn’t forget about the kiddos! Kilter brand-name kids’ glasses keep style, functionality, and affordability in mind. Have your little ones looking like their favorite superheroes or shiny superstars in frames like the K4014 and K5013.

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